Needing help with normals

I’ve started to model a rim for a chop I’m doing with Photoshop. However I’ve some normals that I can’t get right. I’ve tried flipping normals (Ctrl+N). But everytime the other end of the spoke turns right, but the other one flips wrong.

Every kind of help much appreciated!

Here’s a pic of it.

And here’s the blend file:

You need to turn on [draw normals] so you can see which way they are pointing. Then you find the odd ones out, and flip them by themselves, with [flip normals]

I’m pretty sure that your mesh is “non manifold”, probably you have internal faces. So either try and get rid of non manifold edges (search the forum on how to do it), or flip the normals by hand and try to hide them in places where you can’t see them.