Needing help with quadreped IK Rig

Hi, I’m trying to do this IK rig on my character and the leg just isn’t being the way I want, would anyone know what I should do to fix this?


I’m trying to get bone 11 (the bone above the green IK bone) to rotate when I move the foot ik bone but not too sure how like this

. I’ve attached the .blend file so that anyone can see what the problem is more directly. Any and all help is much appreciated and thanks in advance. rigging.blend (4.31 MB)

In the bone’s properties panel, look for the Inverse Kinematics tab. Select bone.010 and set it’s stiffness to max. The rig should work a bit better now. Might need to adjust other bone’s stiffness to bending to get the look you want.

If you can’t fine tune it that way for the look and control that you want, then may have to look at a more complex rig to get the job done.

Post your results and problems, and name the fracking bones…

feel free to ask questions,