Needing help with tank treads with armatures...

I need help trying to create animated tank treads. Quite a number of Google search results would recommend using the somewhat popular ‘curve/array modifier’ technique, but I cannot because I need to be able to export the key frames, which is how I ended up looking into armatures to animate the tank treads.

I am trying to make an armature with multiple bones that follows a closed curve so that I can apply the tank treads to. I thought that by making a cube with a ‘Follow Path’ modifier that is following a curve and making that a parent of an armature, I could have the armature to follow the curve. What I do not know what to do, is to get the children bones to be clamped to the curve. I have no idea how well this technique would work/export, so additional technique recommendations are welcomed.

I hope that I am explaining my problem clearly enough. I am currently using Blender 2.49b because I am so used to the hot-keys for that version.


simple.blend (238 KB)