Needing help with the Pitchipoy rig... (mostly the face)

I tried rigging my character with the Pitchipoy Human Rig, and I am mostly happy with the results so far.
The only problem I have is when I use the face righ to frown the face, the top of the forehead shoot upward as much as the controller move down.
I tried to sum up the problem here.

Any idea how I could correct this?

Is this happening to other users?

Should I notify the rig maker?

Or is it working as intended and I am just an idiot who cannot finding the obvious way the rig is supposed to be working? :slight_smile:

Additionnal : I did not modify the rig in any way, apart from adjusting the metarig to fit my character. If it is any help.

Post your blend so I can look at it. It is probably the way you weight painted the rig. You need to make sure the bones in the metarig are positioned correctly but you still need to adjust the weights from the automatic weight if that is what you used.

The automatic weighting of the forehead bones, from my experience, set weights too high up the forehead. Those bones use stretch-to constraints and really shouldn’t have vertex weights higher up the forehead than the top end of the bone.

With weights above the top end of the bone, moving the brow down pushes the forehead up, and vice-versa. Just go to weight paint mode and add weighting for “DEF-spine.006” at the top of the head, unless you’ve renamed the bones.

Oooooh. Ok… I did not see the bone stretching… I have to check the influence of the facial bone. Thanks.