Needing help with what looks like a topology problem

Hello! I seem to have a problem where there is triangles cut out of my topology, though it is all quads, absolutely NO triangles. I’m not sure if this is anywhere around the horse body.

Thanks in advance,

Note that this is in Roblox Studio

Please show us your topology, or better yet, share the blend with that horse, so we can give pertinent advice. Seeing as those polygons show as transparent in the game engine it’s likely there are some flipped normals.

Thanks, I never thought of flipped normals.

Seems that there are no flipped normals.

^ Topology

It looks like you have some n-gons around those areas. Which may be triangulated arbitrarily when exporting (or importing), which may create issues. Especially the concave ones like e.g. the one on the top right corner of the nostril.

I’ve fixed the N-gons, thanks!!