Needing some urgent help consering rendering scenes

Hey everyone like most of you I have downloaded the Big Buck Bunny Production Files to get a feeling of how some of the stuff is done the problem is that I can’t get any of the sets or scenes to render Ive downloaded the new Blender 2.46 to work with these. I was trying to render using the old version with no luck because of the limitations of the previous version didn’t have the support for the Big Buck Bunny files including the new particle system (Way to go Dev’s looking amazing) anyways I continue to get the same problem every render no matter what scene or set used this is a pic of the issue that is happening too long to type and better if it’s on console anyways I think it might have to do with RAM but not too sure

well here it is by the way im using Windows XP

Come on someone must know really needing the help people

I have not had a change to play with the files yet.

I did pull down a few, but they are still on my desktop.

Looks like you’ve run out of memory. Malloc() returns nil, means memory allocation returns nothing.

Just got a new Computer Quad Core 4 Gigs of Ram and its the same error all give you what it says Calloc returns nill: len=148734432 in ObjectInstance, total 1057413660

Total Amount of memory used before the error was 2.18 gigs of 4 gigs so something might be messed any help?