Needing this video clip properly motion tracked

  1. The job is small and just involves Motion Tracking this camera shot and setting up a floor plane for me to work with. I am not having success myself and do not have the time to fiddle with it to get it to work. I will send a link to the 4K video file. I would like the .blend file as the finished product.
  2. This is for a video on the following YouTube channel: This shot will be up in the intro of my next video this coming week.
  3. As far as experience goes if you can track this shot seamlessly that is all I ask.
  5. What I am trying to accomplish with this shot is have the 3d object placed further towards the camera initially out of shot, and as the camera progress and moves the 3d object comes into view where the camera rests in focus.
  6. Budget is $30 USD for a fully tracked camera with floor plane.

PM sent.

Thank you

This work has been completed!

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