Needing to Export Files Out of Blender Into Maya or 3D Max! Please Help!

Hello Folks,
— I have made my fair share of mistakes during the learning curve, but there are things happening that are not of my doing. I need to get away from Blender asap!
— I need to know if it is possible to export my Blubber…I mean my Blender files into Maya or 3D Max. Is this possible and, if so, how do I do it?
— After my latest experiences, I need a program that is stable and dependable. Blender may be free, but it is neither stable nor dependable.

I’m glad that ths program works for a lot of people, but it’s just not for me. I seem to encounter problems and glitches that most other users never experience. Ask some of my instructors and fellow students…

Here’s the rundown of why I need to get the fu#k out while my sanity still remains:

—" Among Blender’s major fuckups are: Resizing and distortion of the control panel. Yep. I ran into this problem last night and took a video capture of it. The panel actually resized small to large and scrunched and exanded the view while moving the mouse. The only way out was to hit the “X” in the upper right corner. A control panel should NEVER do this. I posted two pics of the video demonstrating this.
— Another fuckup is turning the mesh view so dark that one cannot see the vertices! Yep. I have a screen shot of this, also!
— By far the worst fuckup is when Blender actually reversed my mesh model! I could not believe this actually happened. I lined up the background pictures, set all the views, and created my mesh model of the torso. Everything was perfect and my model looked really good. This was my seventh attempt at this particular torso because Blender fuktup six times previous. Anyway, I loaded the program today and noticed something wasn’t quite right. Then I realized that the back of the mesh was now in the front image location and vice-versa. I figured I could fix it by changing the position names and then proceed using ctrl+num1 for the front image and num1 for the rear. This worked fine until the mesh image turned dark (see the Blender fuckup example above). This kind of stuff just should not happen!
— I am so fed up with this crap that I am looking into exporting my Blender mesh into Maya or Daz Studio 3D Max. I really hope I can to this because I’ve already wasted five weeks fucking with this POS program! "

Thank you for any help,


Blender can export (File -> Export) on various kind of format (you can add more than the ones already listed, by going to File -> User Preferences -> Addons and enable the one you need from the Import/Export category, there are a very lot of import/export format there)

I don’t use Max or Maya, but i guess they’re able to import files from at least one of the export format Blender is supporting.

However over panel, hold ctrl and move mouse left-right to resize. If u ask me, its usefull…

Yeah, from what I have seen of your posts, you don’t have anywhere near the patience required to learn Blender. I would be interested to know how it goes in other software packages - 3D work is inherently hard and therefore the interfaces are inescapably complex.

I truly do hope it goes well for you overall. If you ever decide to put on your Determination Hat, we’ll be here to help you debug the issues you have.


I hate to say it but all of the issues you’ve mentioned are in fact your doing.

Based on your screenshots it looks to me like Blender is working perfectly fine. What’s happening is you have adjusted things without realizing it and instead believe it to be a problem with Blender.

For one, on the first screenshot where your mesh it “mesh view so dark that one cannot see the vertices” it’s because you’re in Edge Select Mode, so your vertices are hidden. Pressing CTRL + TAB will let you switch back to Vertex Select Mode.

When you’re experiencing the control panels scaling by moving your mouse it sounds like your CTRL key is stuck down while dragging with your Middle Mouse Button.

Having used Blender for more than nine years, and having used 3DS Max many times throughout that same time, I can say with certainty that Blender is far more stable than 3DS Max in general (not always but generally).

Thank you very much. If it was Blender malfuctioning, I could do nothing but bitch and move on with little accomplished. Since the issues are of my own doing, I can change the outcome. This is actually very good news and I’m happy to have somebody tell me I’m the one that’s fu%*ing up. Learning this program on my own is very, very frustrating but my determination hat is more like a full body condom. What I lack in (immediate) patience, I more than make up for in determination and restraint (I haven’t broken anything :yes:). I do have a bit of a foul mouth and foul fingers, but it’s just a release from the frustration. I hope I don’t offend. Maybe my posts should come with a disclaimer?:eek:

Anyway, I truly appreciate the input and I’ll try to trim down the language in future posts. I can’t guarantee the explatives won’t fly here at the ol’ homestead, though.

As I encounter more problems (and I most certain will), I’ll just screenshot and post the problem.

BTW, how the heck (see, it’s getting better already) did my mesh get reversed? The settings in the screenshot are a bandaid for the problem. It’s a bit of a pain to have to work around something (ctrl+num1 to now get the front view and num1 to now get the rear view) if I can just fix the problem. Any ideas?

Thanks again,

Well they do say that problems with applications are attributable to user error 85% of the time, and to have this many errors, or “F***ups” as you call them, leans heavily in that direction. You can try to jump from app to app to get things done, but each of them follow the same basic rules in mesh generation and in many cases the order of operations. But you have to take time to learn the tools, otherwise you will go from one source of frustration to the next, and eventually give up all together. If you think Blender is rough, then MAX will piss you off.

There are Many resources to learn Blender from;,, blenderdiplom, and a hell of a lot more by individuals everywhere, including this site. Check those out, and get your workflow down.

Get used to the coordinate system to know front and back, or put in a land mark so you can tell the difference while you are getting used to things. The “tripod” in the lower left corner displays XYZ coordinates in the positive direction. It’s a good reference point. If the mesh turns “dark” does that mean solid? In which case you hit “Z”, hit it again so you can see through the mesh.

I had the “Faces” box selected in the Mesh Display.

What is the material on your mesh? It looks like you may have a black material on it, in which case just lighten it up and you’ll be fine. Or remove the material entirely.

I actually figured out the problem. BTW, do you have any idea how my mesh got reversed? The settings in the screenshot are a bandaid for the problem. It’s a bit of a pain to have to work around something (ctrl+num1 to now get the front view and num1 to now get the rear view) if I can just fix the problem. Any ideas?

File > Load Factory Settings to restore your hotkeys and everything else that may have gotten mucked up lol.

Here are some beginning tutorials to familiarize yourself with Blender here:

and here:

Just for the record Daz Studio is a different program than 3D Studio Max (which is made by AutoDesk). Daz Studio isn’t a modeling program, it has pre-made characters that you pose or animate, like the program Poser in case you may have heard of that.

Good luck and don’t get so frustrated!!!

Thanks and I’m definitely working at it! :slight_smile:

Bummer. The load factory settings did not solve the problem.

I had a thought last night about my reversed blender mesh and realized I needed to fix the problem or create mesh version #8. If I complete the “as-is” mesh, won’t it walk backwards when programmed to walk forward and turn left when programmed to turn right? If I can’t correct the problem now, is there something else I can do to fix this later on down the line? Maybe a solution is to export the mesh and import it into a new file? Honestly, I’m grabbing at straws here.

Sorry, the factory settings should have solved the keyboard shortcuts at least.
Can you upload the file to ?

Actually, I’ve discovered the root of the problem, but don’t know the best way to proceed from here.

The tutorial I’m working with has the model facing to the left (green axis arrow facing the right which is the rear). I am working with a model facing right (green arrow is still facing the right) which explains why my mesh is now reversed).

The problem I see is why doesn’t the green axis arrow face to the left when I have the model’s right view set as the “Right Axis” in the “background images” control panel?

This seems to be a design flaw? Yes…no?

With the settings being this way, the user thinks they’re really working from the right side of the image because the picture and mesh line up in the view window. Though, this is not the case because when they’re shaping the front of the model, they’re actually making alterations to the rear of the mesh.

Unless somebody comes up with a way of correcting my mesh direction problems, I guess I’ll go ahead with my plan. To fix my problem, I’m going to use Photoshop to reverse the image, insert it as a “Left View” image (with the green arrow facing right towards the rear) and proceed from there.

Wow. This knowledge should’ve been the first thing the book mentions, but it failed to mention it at all.

I’m still a happy guy…I’m still a happy guy…I’m still a happy guy. :eyebrowlift:

Looking at the screen shots you have the front jpg assigned to the Back view and the rear jpg assigned to the Front view, which is why everything’s backwards for you. Set them to their correct views, apply your mirror modifier, then in edit mode turn your mesh to face the correct way and then deleted half the model and apply new mirror modifier.

I purposely set the images this way so I could continue to work on my project until I realized (at 4AM) that this still doesn’t provide a solution to the problem and will pose a more serious problem when I get to the programming stage.

I’ve had this problem all along because I didn’t realize that when one sets the “Right Axis” in Blender’s “Background Images” control panel, the image is actually facing the rear y-axis. See my previous post for further explanation.

Long story, short. I started the project again (mesh #9) and have an awesome torso mesh (with multiple backup copies).

I do appreciate the comments!


I have no idea. Would someone tell me what I did and how to fix it? BTW, ctrl+z didn’t work.

I was scrolling the mouse up to the drop menu to save the file when I clicked the mouse. I don’t know which button I actually hit, though.

The pretty colors have replaced the backgroung images, but I can still rotate the mesh while middle mouse clicking and that view fuctions as normal. Also, the History button isn’t showing anything when I click it.

I’m using Blender 2.59 which is a good program, despite my earlier rants. :yes:

I’m afraid to touch anything else until I get a response.

Thank you.