Needing to Merge Top of Neck - Smoothing Problem

Hello Folks,
I have encountered a problem the book does not deal with (at least in the manner I need).
I am extruding the neck and trying to smooth it out. The problem is that when I do this, the top (horizontal) part of the neck separates from the outer (vetical) part of the neck.
How do I attach these points to make them one unit so I may smooth out the neck

Thank you,

Looks like you have 2 separate surfaces. Try selecting the vertices around the problematic area and do “Remove doubles”. Then use appropriate Merge Distance to fuse the vertices together. Be careful not to bump this very high though.

That’s awesome! I’m back on track! Thank you so very much!

Hi Folks,
It seems that one of the points has not been affected by the “Remove Doubles” option. Does anybody have any ideas?
Thank you


you didn’t set the distance far enough, but you can merge them by selecting the vertex pair and hitting ‘alt M’

I tried what you said and these are the results of the three options given when hitting alt M. It’s not very pretty. Do you have any other ideas or do you thionk I’m doing something wrong?

How does one “set the distance”?


just select a single pair of vertices that you want to weld at a time and choose ‘at center’ then repeat on the next pair.