Needing Voice Actors for a Game

Use the audition lines and send me the file in whatever format.
Its an ongoing project so if you don’t find a role you want to play right now, but your still interested, keep checking in, as more roles will develop as i write the storyline down. YOUR NAME WILL BE MENTIONED IN THE CREDITS!!!

Cut Scene:

(Player) Sounds Matured:
What do you mean they bombarded the east front?

Cpl. Mathers (Southern) Sounds Matured:
(Staggering) They barged in, like a bunch of (Staggering) Savages…

(Frustrated) What happened to our Mg’s on that line, Huh? You are our Coast Guard!! In a place like this we need all we got!!!

( A Private Walks in)

Sir, Where would you like those reinforcements, sir?

Cpl. Mathers (Southern):
Sir, I called him in to drop down some men…

(Relaxed) Well, that gets you off the hook for now, Mathers. Drop em’ down on the front line and tell them to give all they got.

Cpl. Mathers (Southern):
Guess that’s all you need, (Sarcastically) Sir.

Don’t Push it…

In-Game Voices Needed

Sgt. Mayweather (Mid 30’s):
“Push Forward!”
“Aw, CRAP!”
“Heavy Fire From the East!”
“Got some Demolition coming in from the south!”
“Lets Move Out”
“That will teach em’!”
“Need some ammo”
“Hey, Watch your fire, MR!”

Soldiers Sound Late Teens early Twenties:
“Ow, that hurt!”
“Medic, over here”
“Fire in the Hole!”
“Sounds Clear…”
“I think we are getting somewhere!”
(Any other things you can think of!"



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If I send you a file, will you use it? I’m thinking something along the lines of:

“My toes are on fire! My TOES are ON FIIIIRE! Augh! BUUUUURRRRRNING! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!!! sob” (sound of bacon sizzling on a hot skillet)

What do you think?

This seams really neat. All the best for your project - can’t help now but look forward to what you come up with.

Okay you definitely got me interested, get ready for an Australian soldier… Where did i put that microphone?

Please provide more info.

  • Is the game going to be open source/content game (and if so what licence will it be released under)?

You unlikely to get much help for a commercial projects.

  • What platform(s) is it going to run on?

I’m not going to help you make a iphone game.

  • Is Blender being used in anyway?

If not this belongs in Off-topic section.

I charge £15 an hour for my voice talent, but if there is any way I can help with a free game I will gladly donate my time.

Creative Commons or GPL/LGPL/BSD etc licenses I am happy with.

Im Answering Questions Now,
Oblenob: This game is free, and I am a very good C# programmer and this will be a download able game.

N3ON: 1: This will be open source, and free to people. 2: This game will run on PC and If I can Incorporate it into XNA Xbox games I will try. And 3:Blender Is being used to model the whole game, if you want a list of the programs used I will be happy to provide:eyebrowlift:.

Blendiac: That sounds hilarious I will gladly use it!

Uncle Entity: Your name will be Metioned in the credits, and you can tell me what to list you as!

Should we pm the audio files?

Yes, I would either upload them to Mediafire and give the link, or you could email me and attach it at [email protected]… Don’t ask about the email lol…

Dang, I think I just had my bluff called… I guess I’m gunna have to do it now… :eek:

I’m interested, but I would like to know quite a bit more about the project. Licensing would be my first concern. Second, how far along in production are you? Third, what sort of game is this? It’s sounding like a TF2-like project from the requested audio snippets.

Some general information would be great.

i dont want to take anything away from any voice actors here on Blender artists but i come from a machanima community called TheMoviesUnderground, we have many very good voice actors who work for free, this also goes for all here on Blender artists, as blender is classed as a machanima tool, im sure the voice actors in our community would be quite happy to help.

Answering Questions Again!

TindyTim: I have a Creative Commons License, so you guys are aware! In Production I have completed about 60% I am adding voice effects in now to see how it plays out. I am trying to add TF2 With Counter Strike kind of, so that’s the feel you are getting. The Difference is the characters are more photo realistic (I hope) and you don’t get as much cartoon gore. This project will be finished by the end of the year. And Im trying to add as much comic stuff as I can…Lol.

Stvdysn: Hey that sounds great! I need many of voices so I don’t have the same guy playing each soldier. Email and attach a sample of an army command to the Email of [email protected] if you want to try out!

And Just in Case you guys need any Info or the scripts, (Which I will not release fully on here…) Email! Keep it C:RocknRoll::RocknRoll:L

Got any female characters with lines? If so, any American ones? I can do more than one Southern, Mid Western, Californian, and some others.

Do you have a submission deadline set, or is that open? It seems to me, you’re still working on the script and possibly adding more characters as your game’s story develops.

I’m seriously interested. So, I hope that you can answer those questions.

As for me, I had two mics die on me recently. I expect to get a new one of good quality and some advanced studio recording software sometime in mid-to-late October. Would that be too late?

I need Female Characters, I mean they are in the Army to! You can choose whatever accent you like, it is fine with me. I don’t have a submission deadline yet. And you just give me the lines whenever and tell me what name to put you in under the credits!


Any preferred audio file format? Is a wave file suitable? Also, what type of compression do you prefer, win-zip, or rar?

I don’t really care… i would rather have rar though and any format will suit me! (Besides MP4)

If rar is your preference, then rar it is. I’ll send the wav format.

Okay ,Thank You!