Needle in a haybale

Made in 2.42
Haystacks made from using a bumpy mesh for the nearest ones, texturing to simulate hay and static particles.

Barn and Silo have been put in their own layer and blurred for a simple DOF type effect.

Not so bad. Compositionally, it could be better, but the lighting and effort is a lot better than some of your other offerings.

One thing though, Haystacks aren’t green. When hay is wrapped in plastic and left to mould, THEN it goes a slight green, but its always wrapped tightly in plastic so you wouldnt see it(called silage if you care).


It’s probably the yellowish sunlight and the blue hemilight and AO that may be giving it a green look. The haystack material is actually more of a yellow.

Ok, tweak it till it looks like hay then:) Explaining why its green doesnt change the fact that its green, and not yellow.

And if you wanted to be reaaallly picky, theyre not haystacks, they are hay bales. A stack is more of just a pile of hay.


<P>I know what you’re talking about, for the time I thought haybales were haystacks. Corrected the name.</P>

Hey! I found it!

Try to change the background to a better sky. The DOF is slightly to strong. The haystacks should be more yelllow and with shorter strows sticking out, maybe with some rope/wire around it to keep it together. Maybe modell some additional object to put the focus on, like a bucket, a “hayfork”?

There seems to be a bit of a focusing problem. The needle get’s a bit lost in the
composition. Heh, but I guess that’s what you’re going for…:slight_smile:


Sunlight isn’t yellow(ish), usually pink/orange(ish)

The main problem, compositionally speaking, is that I wouldn’t set up the shot this way. I know that the barn in the distance is brightly-lit and that it’s going to draw the viewer’s eye. So, I just can’t let the barn be out of focus. There’s no way that I can make the viewer believe “this picture is about the needle, dammit!” It’s about the barn, like it or not, and that barn is out-of-focus.

So you need to “recompose and shoot.”