"Needler" A Short Film

Hello all. It has been a while since I filmed this, but it was Time I finished. I was going to post this on Friday, but who cares I could not wait! This was a test fight for a reboot of a Sci-Fi video I scrapped about six years ago, called GES.
I want to dive more into this world at some point, but the fight works nicely for VFX and proof of visual concept.

Used a lot of blender for some destruction elements and even some Real Flow & Blender integration. All Composited with Adobe After Effects.

The story is that these two government soldiers/projects are training with the newest enhanced plasma weaponry. Big thanks to all who made this possible. Subscribe and Like the video if you are so inclined. Thank You!

Starring: Peter Aaron Schmidt
& Staring: Jake Ryheart

Directed By: Strider Moore
Score By: Peter Schmidt
2nd Director Of Photography: Aidan Zieres
Head Choreographer: Jake Ryheart
First Aid & 2nd Choreographer: Garett
Best Boy: Dallas Lobdell