Needs 1 partner

i need a person to do side projects on, someone to merge ideas with, if your interested please comment, some people want screenshots so heres a link to my imgur:

meh, I wouldn’t mind helping for a little while -maybe the next 2 weeks or so.
here’s my flickr page:[email protected]/show/with/3381595538/
my vimeo page:
pm me or something

you seem to be pretty good, any ideas on what you want to do

I think I could be a little assistance. I think a medieval adventure game could be neat. Third person camera view, Maybe have a Legend of Zelda feel to it. Maybe it could have N64 grade graphics. Old is the new new it seems lately.

dude thats exactly what i want to do, i wouldnt mind working with both you guys, sounds good, just PM me your emails and we’ll take it from there :slight_smile:

Ok. I will pm you my e-mail, but just to be clear, I will not work on any games that the ESRB would rate M. I also am horrible at making people, so I cannot help you there. Please, no immodest dress either. I’m 14, and I do not need to have bad mental imagery. thank you.
At least we are in agreement on medieval theme. I am a big fan of the Legend of Zelda. I am already working on making a castle, and it is pretty far along now. I will post a pic soon. it is still in progress, so it will not be too jaw dropping yet.

Here it is:
I am working on this diligently, so it is changing all the time. I am still fairly new, but I can pull my weight. I also have a collection of medieval weaponry. I work on that often too. I am thinking of changing the grass in this picture, and I am trying to make a new texture for it with GIMP. I am almost there.