Needs help with idea

I am planning a game with a topdown view and you control with w, a, s, d. you aim with the mouse, but you only aim on the x and y axis not the z. how would i make the player point towards the mouse?

There’s a few ways of doing it, all requiring a bit of python, at least enough to display the mouse pointer. You can get your X and Y mouse screen coordinates and with a bit of arithmetic get those to correspond to the X and Y coords of your “floor” or “ground” view. If your scene scrolls outside your screenspace you’ll need to take that into account Give those values to a simple visible ghost object on the ground and that object will follow your mouse. Then get your player to “track to” that object. It might be a little jerky so dampen the tracking to occur over about 20 frames. Once you’ve got it working nicely you can make your dummy object invisible or replace it with an “empty”.