Needs some .OBJ making please for a project

(Jeff) #1


I have some OBJs that I need to make. Very straight forward, just for some marketing materials. They’re to be used in single colour.

This is an example of what were trying to make:

I appreciate that this is probably just made in illustrator or something but for ease of use i want to actually have these images backed up as 3D library, so if we want to reconfigure them we easily and just render as an isometric design.

Don’t know what rate it would be, let me know.

I really should just learn Blender but I am really busy at the minute.

Thanks Jeff

(Ramon.Scortanu) #2

Hello Jeff,

My name is Ramon. I’m a freelance 3d artist.

Here is some of my work.

(Jeff) #3

Hi Ramon, do you have Skype?

(KS) #4

Hello Jeff, PM sent.

(Jmanginger98) #5

Hey there, here is my portfolio:

And my email:

[email protected]

(Jeff) #6

Hi guys, i have had some fantastic responses from people. I need to add a prerequisite if this is possible. Do any of you have knowledge of WebGL and placing your models in a WebEnvironment as this is where they will be used, I need to know that the rendering etc performs as expected? Thanks Jeff

(secundar) #7

Hi Jeff, I create 3D illustration for render/animation as well as for video games and WebGL. You can see some of my work on but can also share WebGL examples with you privately.


(bobr.animation) #8

Hi Jeff, Here Francesco , from Switzerland and this is my portfolio . you have many web3D assets in , andI can can also show more. Also , I have experience with several types of rendering and engines, so feel free to contact me if you are interested! see ya :slight_smile:

(Altohamy) #9

Hello ,
My name is kamel Altohamy(3d developer-Animator)
since 2010, i have done alot of projects including (Arch Viz-3d enviornments-game assests creation-animated chaarcters-3d products).

i’m using blender ad cycles in my workflow. i have used 3ds-max for some time,but now working only in blender 3d as it’s free and opensource.