Hi all :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to make Nefertiti ,helped by like this pics :

the mesh is not perfect (…yet :smiley: )

I want to make the eyelashes but it’s difficult :frowning:

And when I try to create a face texture, my god, it’s horrible ! :o

there are quite a few triangles there, but over all its a good mesh, the ‘hat’ looks a bit wierd

That looks pretty good. The only thing that needs a bit of work is the shape of the eyes and eyelids. Otherwise it looks nice. In your rendered iamge, the mouth looks a bit funky because it’s open a little (did you give her teeth? %| ), but in the mesh view it looks good.

As for eyelashes… that’s a statue, it has no eyelashes. Unless theres’s a specific reason you want eyelashes… there really isn’t much of a need to put them in. If you decide to put them in, maybe consider just adding them to the texture so it looks like they’re painted onto the statue.

Anyway, it looks good. Great work on the nose especially.

Try to render with AO on…might make it look better.

sorry but what is AO ? :o OSA ??

I don’t want to create the statue, but the woman, the human :slight_smile: that’s why eyelashes are welcome :slight_smile:

go into the world buttons, and click the “amb occ” tab, then click the big “Ambient Occlusion” button, don’t worry about turning up any sliders (turning down “samples” makes it render faster if you really wanted to know), then render


If I have time, I’ll try to see if I can show you what the correct topology should be.

yes of course ambiant occlusion ! :smiley: I never use it, it’s time to change the that :Z

little update with AO :

the mesh has been update

here a little test with an uvmapping (the texture is the second image of the statue)