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First steps of Nefertiti, Ancient Egypt Queen. Right now she doesn’t have much resemblance, this is just the early stages of modeling.No sculpt yet

Looks pretty good so far, except the ear looks a little wonky.

Oh, the ear isn’t done yet! I thought it was clear and because of that I didn’t mention.
Ears, eyebrows, eyelashes and inside mouth aren’t done.

Gotcha. Well it’s a good start.

Wow, really good, send some wired renders… I’m curious about the topology.

nice, hope you get to the sculpting and texturing soon :smiley: never really liked gummy bears :wink:


nice work dude, the lighting is really nice! the iris looks a bit big?

Yes, I think you’re right, and even the pupil is a tad big. Thanks, I will change it.:wink:

Tweaked the eyes:

Really nice work.

Thanks Ben, by the way, I added your website to my favourites, it’s great!

are you going to add some of the old egyptien details like neckless hat with snake

i mean she was a queen afterall!

nice work

happy 2.5

Indeed, she is even going to have a background (egyptian style of course).
Now Ive just finished the topology. the texture is somewhat provisional since its colour is quite wrong (it seems an orange now that I look at it again) and the specular map isn’t done.
Next I will make sculpting. I’m planing on sculpting detailed face features, wrinkles and pores and making her more similar to Nefertiti.
Then I will do eyelashes and eyebrows, and finally props and background.
So right now it is just a simple mesh with a temporary texture.

nice work!
please do your best!
i want to see this in the gallery.

Shader and texture adjusted (and HD :)):

not certain but eye don’t look super

missing hair eyelash i think it is call in English

sorry for my english but i can give it in french if you know it !

happy 2.5

Agree about the eyes, looks too flat in some way. Not sure if you’re aiming for a ultra-realistic model or a bit stylisch, but if it’s suppose to be the first one I think the shapes are a bit too sharp and characteristic. In any other case I would have criticism at all, great work!

i like the eyes like this, alter the width of the nose base

I have started modeling upper eyelashes: