Negative copy of teeth

Hi, I’m just working on the teeth for a character. I have the top teeth done and just want to do a negative copy of the top teeth to get the bottom teeth. Can any one tell me the way to do this? I know SHIFT-D duplicates but I want to flip them around so they are pointing upwards.



S / Z / -1 or Ctrl+M / Z to mirror in the z axis
Then recalculate face normals with Ctrl+N


Hummm, I don’t know if that is a good idea. Upper and lower teeth are not symmetrical. Lower teeth are smaller and fit between upper teeth, not flat against upper teeth. That is what you are going to get by mirroring.!Teeth_by_David_Shankbone.jpg

Maybe it’s a robot or a monster :wink:

Thanks Richard the S/Z/-1 was what i was looking for! I just wanted a starting point for the bottom teeth, i’ll edit them to look some what like actual teeth! Well that’s the intention! I’ll see how it goes anyway!