Negative light neon effect

Hi there! I’m new here so be gentle or I’ll tell my mom.

Last day I was playing around, trying to save time by setting a spot light to negative intead of making all my scene with panels.

It came out like that neon thing:

I kinda’ liked the shot but I where not able to render the scene with the neon effect. Same for the viewport render.

It looks like my laptop ain’t suited for the software.

Anybody have ideas to reproduce the thing with nodes ? My first attempt gave me amateur result like: “delete only face”+“convert edges to curve”+“emission material”.

I’d really love to avoid compositing (kinda’ hate that thing) at least at the very begining of the process. I mean, i’d ratter prefere compose on photoshop then.

Thanks for any advice !

The neon effect that you’re getting from the negative light is actually a shading artefact and therefore completely unpredictable- thats why when you zoom in or out or render it disappears- thats just a limitation of EEVEE. To recreate the look Id recommended taking the following steps instead:
-duplicate the object, keeping the duplicate in the exact same location
-add the wireframe modifier to the duplicate object
-add an emissive material to the wireframe to achieve the neon look
If you want more control you can always change the thickness of the wireframe modifier or you could even apply the modifier and then delete any faces that you don’t want, or apply a different emissive material to different parts of the wireframe.