Negative light

Hello all :slight_smile: .
i was just testing with negative lights in the Game Engine, and thaught you would like this test


Wow, good effect! Never thought of that. :smiley:
By the way, how did you disable the .blend so that you cannot get into any funcltions or split windows or do well really anything? It prevented me form exploring its inner workings.

Woa, I can imagine some weeird hippie special effects happening around there…
ya… cant wait to unlock blender to check out the specs ( lol Im stuck there too-)

hit ctrl+uparrow (not in game, but in blender. )

Now THAT is inventive. :o

Great idea, I had never thought to use negative lights like that. :smiley:

Wow, clever! Too bad it uses so many extra polygons to look good :*( Hopefully we get real shadows sometime soon.

:o Woah, nice effect. Had no idea it could be used that way.

Jason Lin

yeah… Thats the only problem with it :x and it can only be sircle shadows… so this test cant realy be used to annything lol, but it looks nice :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comments all :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey maybe it could be used for some kind of “fog” like in warcraft :wink:

Pretty clever!

Very nice! I’m not exactly up to speed on the latest gameengine developments anymore, but I thought negative light wasn’t possible in the game engine?? :-?

Keith. 8)

hehe… it is now. i also dident know it worked before i just tested it :slight_smile: . mehbe it is more functions hiding somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue:
hehehe… :wink:

Yeah I hear theres lots of great stuff in the works now. Someones workin on an in-game movie player (bye bye to my FMV-ed! %|) and someones even taking the Esc-to-exit thingy out of fullscreen mode! Its great! :smiley:

All I need now is enough time to get bac into blender! :frowning:

Keith. 8)