''Negative thoughts''

Latest animation work here. Used my personal character, entirely modeled and rigged in Blender.
It’s short but I spent a lot of time on it.

Thought you might be interested in seeing the original blocking.

Hope you like it.

Unfortunately, this might also be the last time I use Blender for animation. Though, most the of animaiton tools are working, some of them, while fundmanetal are simply lacking and laughable ( Wonkyness in the graph editor, not being able to directly move keys from the timeline, the laughable Motion trail integration and so on).

Though, it was interesting to work on nonetheless, I learned a lot.


Cool work! awesome animations… are you a pro? Please elaborate a bit on why you leave Blender…and by the way why did you start using it…, what 3d programme did you master before? and what programme will you animate in next time if not Blender.
PS what would you say were Blenders pros and cons when it comes to animation compared to other 3d software programmes.

There is a website called rightclickselect created on the purpose to give users the chance to write a letter to Santa Claus with the tools you wish to be implemented in blender. But you have to be very very very accurate, polite, smell good and qualitatively high in your request because Santa Claus is a quality nazi who feed himself with the power of your unconditional love and worship.:wink:

Jokes apart I’m not expert but I think you’re talented and I think it’s worth a shoot to talk about the features that you think could improve blender expecially in a field that BI finds interesting such as animation.
This or open a new thread here to put attention and discuss about your proposal (if there is no other thread around… I dont know).
Good luck.

Your animation is very cool, very “cartoonish” and thank you for your hard work.