Nehemiah South (big screenshots)

Latest update (more pics at end of thread) :
I ditched the turtle neck, it looked cool with the coat, but pretty snooty without it…

Hey everyone,

Here’s a character I’ve been working on, his name is Nehemiah South (Mya for short). He is the lead character in a project of mine I’ve been working on since the beginning of eternity.

Modeling the face and the head went pretty much without a hitch, but attaching the ears gave me endless grief :frowning:

(P.S. for those of you who are interested, he is the captain of the (very rough) ship that I posted heresome time ago now, and the ships pilot is here).

I think jaw and chin shape is slightly different on model then it was on ref pics but it might be a good thing- after all it’s your character, not a portrait gig. The only thing I do not like is throat- it surely is anatomically correct but seems to be a bit overdone. Can’t wait to see it textured.

I agree that chin looks different than in model. Other than that: great model, keep us posted!

Thanks for the good advice - I didn’t notice the chin thing - I like the photos chin better, so I think I’ll just fix it up in that direction. Hopefully I get to do some more on the weekend - next step is to customize the generic body mesh I attached the head to…

That is coming along really well. How long did that take you?

Thanks supermajic, it took about six hours on a saturday, but the ear took another two to model and attach later in the week cos it’s been a while since I had to do a detailed ear and I was a little out of practice - hopefully it won’t take as long on my next character (I have 12 queued up).

I’d be interested to hear peoples opinion on whether thats fast or slow too, I wouldn’t mind doing work like this for a job, but I don’t know how quick people doing this sort of thing are expected to be.

Hey everyone… yay I got to spend a couple of hours on the body :slight_smile:

Next up… clothing

Hey everyone,

Got to spend a big chunk of time on my character, letting me add basic untextured clothes. For those of you who are interested, here are the times I’ve spent on it so far…

6hrs : Head
2hrs : Ears (bad technique)
3hrs : Body (started with a generic mesh)
4hrs : Shoe (terrible technique)
3hrs : New shoe (hint - start with the sole and work your way up and around)
6hrs : Clothes

And the pics…

bit of an update, although I have a confession to make… for now I had to unwrap him and texture him in max (a job opportunity came up, and they needed to see some character stuff in max). Having said that, now that that has passed I shall be promptly returning him to blender and even redoing his uvw mapping and texturing again so that he can be wholly blender made.

Anyway, for now I thought it would be cool to show anyway, because it’s always such a change going from untextured to textured - and also, because the textures are image based (as opposed to procedural) they’ll look exactly the same in blender anyway.