Neighbor vertices moving, proportional edit is off.

The title says it all. The nearest neighbor vertices are moving when I move a vertext group. It is acting just like proportional editing, but proportional editing is disabled. Driving me nuts. I feel like it’s a bug but it’s probably just modeler error.

When you say vertex group, do you have vertices assigned to an actual vertex group, or are you just referring casually to a cluster of vertices?

Does your object have any modifiers ?

Attach your blend file and a screenshot showing which vertices you are moving

  1. It’s an actual vertex group.
  2. Subsurf 2

It’s related to the modifier. When I turn it off, the neighbors are unchanged. I think it’s just that my understanding of subsurf is wrong.

Attach your blend file

Now I feel it’s a bug, saved it as a new version, and it’s not doing it. Thank you for the quick responses!

In case you’re wondering, I’m making a faberge egg and I want to split the egg in two halves with a sine waveish shape between them. It’s looking good now. If it starts looking really good I’m going start a WIP. It’s going to be the first model I light with environment lighting.

Thanks again

Technically the problem that you pointed out is the actual behavior that you should have when dealing with subsurf objects.

Here’s the same thing in another app…

The distortion isn’t there when subdivision is off.