Neither Pig nor Dog?

(ScottishPig) #1

Before you vote above, here’s the story—

I could ramble on & on, but I’d rather you read the log— But first a background.

In Blenderchat a person (whose work appears amateur in my opinion) had insulted a favourite renderer, I returned the insult in a harsh and full faced way. (As I detest the insult of PovRay, human beings, or both symoltaneously.) So, instead of being a gentleman, I returned the insult. (Rather thuroghly, I will admit) for his comments, as well as some made in days gone by.

You may think it odd my getting very defensive of a renderer, but there are very good reasons behind it, some of which slightly too inward to put on the net.

Lastly, if after 1 week, I am voted a `prick’ (as doogs calls it) I shall leave the community- no more pig pissing people off.

If I am not voted a prick, I will remain in the community— nothing changed.

Also note, try not to choose abstention, unless you don’t know scottishpig.

(Ecks) #2

I hate the person like doog…I am with you and I like the way you insult him like : it been 8 year your in 3d and you suck at it… or something like that…I see no reason for you to quit the comunity! :smiley:
but why did you post this? you were not obligated…

(Hos) #3

How about a poll that reflects the opinion of those
who think you were being a prick, but don’t think you
should go away forever?


P.S. For those who like helping your fellow
blenderhead, but like to keep away from the
bickering and blabbering there’s also #blenderqa.

(haunt_house) #4

I do not think you should leave, but I would call your answers a overreaction. You were very inpolite.

One other thing. Gay is not an insult. Gay people are just people. Dump this prejudice in the sea. It won´t pollute it.

And if you are talking of leaving, I like to quote your chatline :smiley: :

You dipshit- you dont quit. You work until your better


(rndrdbrian) #5

I certainly don’t think you should leave, ScottishPig,

but perhaps it might be an idea to ignore those who insult your favourite software?

Take it easy. 8)


(Nayman) #6

i just want to answers.

Why do you over react? And how old are you? Both are valid questions, and just curious here.

IMHO, i think that you overreacted. Even if someone calls me gay (which isnt even nessicarily an insult, i mean, i know a lot of gay people, and they are just people like us), but still, if someone calls me gay, i would say somethign along the lines of “dont you have anythign better to do than insult me?” io mean, common, i only get harsh when they do. Calling something POVGAY isn’t that bad, and common man, its jsut his oppinion.

If someone called Blender creater “bater” (*as has happend), i jsut let them think that, cause its their loss. I dont want someone of their incredibly low IQ using my program.

Don’t leave the boards, that would be incredibly childish. You have to learn that jsut because there is one disagreement, it doesnt mean the end.
If you keep that attitude up, you will never survive a relatiuonship, let a lone marrige.


I love your work, and it would be a shame to see you go, but don’t go off the deepend like that.


(Dittohead) #7

POVray Sucks man!!!


(ScottishPig) #8

I’m 16, and I have certain reasons for overreacting. Which are the same reasons why I am easly offended, frightened, etc. (I really dont want to get into it).

I really like povray, as I do blender. I should not have to stand up for something because someone wants to shoot something down that he has appreantly not used.

I did what I did because I thought it so. He had annoy’d me in times gone by as well. (Unfortunatly I didnt think to logue them)

(basse) #9

man, you really blew up over nothing (in my oppinion) …

I have seen people asking gaytracing to be in blender, and I have never seen anyone getting angry over that…

my friend is mocking me all the time because I use linux, and blender and gimp. instead of win, 3d studiomax and photoshop :slight_smile: who cares…

but, we all have good and bad days… things like these pass…


(Detritus) #10

Gay = Happy, glad, cheerful. May also be used as homosexual. What´s the offense in that?
Povray is a good renderer, and it makes people happy. So maybe we should call it Povgay? :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, Scottishpig, I don´t think your a prick or something like that, but you did certainly overreact. Your reaction was like if som one would step on your toes accidently and you would shoot him in the head with a shotgun or something.
Though, you write that you have strong reasons to react like this in your original post. What are these reasons? I would like to know.

(haunt_house) #11

no one has reasons for overreaction. Or else it would be just a reaction :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

go build a new ship.

how about a 1780 style catamaran?


(doogs) #12

Wow Scottishpig, I never knew you wrote this topic. I mean cmon. I was actually kidding when I said I’m not going to blend anymore. And pretty much all of my work that you found amateuristic was actually tests, and not big projects. I don’t have time for big projects. :slight_smile: You know I am not really mad at you ever. its just text on a screen :stuck_out_tongue: silly.


(valarking) #13

now this is an example of the blender community’s people at their best. :slight_smile:

(dwmitch) #14


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(ScottishPig) #15

High-Five, dwmitch!!! I like the confrontation a little better…

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(dwmitch) #16

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(haunt_house) #17

What is actually better for your health? Tea or coffee and if yes, why not?

:o dunno what yer quotin 'ere