Nekah - Cover Art

Hey guys. This is the…first image I have made in relation to my computer game Nekah. The game is being developed in DBpro and i’ll be using blender for the models.

This image was made in Gimp, and im going for the oldschool partched missing message in ruin look :smiley:

with coffee stains :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, its far from finished, so could i have some C&C?



Interesting style, but the main font looks a little rough. Maybe find a fitting font on the web, fonts are vector-based and allow resizing without loss of quality.
I’d love to see the game, good luck with it!

Yeh, the word ‘Nekah’ was all done with a pen tool because I couldnt find any good fonts :-?

I will be looking into changing it though.

Thanks for teh advice.

and I should have a tech demo out in around 6 months i think…just haveto finalize the finer elements of the design document, and start coding to base engine!