nekkid lady (BOOBY WARNING)

This started off as face modeling practice, then I got kind of carried away. It’s kept my interest so I’ll continue it for a bit longer, and I’ve been trying box modelling for the body for a change.

Still a long way from completion.

There are a few areas just needing touching up (e.g. forehead a bit lump, stomach, arms haven’t even been started yet so look awful.

Render with AAO (first time I’ve used it, just default settings) and one of the default SSS skin materials with spec turned down a bit.


just the same model, some wires.


The face is looking good, but the breasts seem to float a bit…

Her neck’s a bit long I think and her breasts are looking a bit square but everything else looks good so far.

i like pamela andersons’s boobies :cool:

Well…congratulations…A useful critique…

Some work on the arms…

I know the areolas are a little bit clown lipstick but I’ve just blenders default SSS skin 1 and 2.

I think the shoulder blades will look more normal when the arms go down later.


continuing to plug away at this. Nearly completed the model, other than feet and hands. Might need to create a good pair of male and female hands for re-use rather than make a shoddy pair with every model. Hands, feet and ears.


Getting pretty close to finishing this model. Still to do:

  • back of head, ears
  • hands
  • feet
  • teeth, gums, tongue
  • fine adjustments to existing mesh

Once that’s all done I’ll texture and then rig. Maybe even add some clothes…

video at:

Body is definitely way out of proportion, the upper torso is huge compared to the legs and waist. Other proportions are a bit out too.

Probably from camera perspective. Have used artistic reference front and side images for proportions so I can be pretty sure they are right. Apart from the boobs.