Nelson and MisterBubbles


For school I have to make a book, I decided to sharpen my modelling skills at the same time. The 2 main stars will be Nelson and MisterBubbles, here is Nelson, I still need to tweak him up and this is my work on MisterBubbles. Both will be in interesting environments when I am done, in the shade of trees and walking down paths, if I have enough time since it is due in one month. :wink:



C&C on what could be made better, thanks. I think this might be one of my best modelling projects to date.

I didn’t think it was that bad. :frowning:

Hehe, it isn’t.
You seem to be having some geometry issues on Nelson, especially where the arms meet the body. Maybe a wire-render would help analyze the problem.
Mr Bubbles is is really cool, he now needs large Pixar-eyes and maybe some shoes.

How do I post a wire render? I saw something about it earlier but I can’t remember how exactly.

Yes, I’m working on the eyes. For the shoes I’m just going to shape them out of this feet. :slight_smile:

Ok people, here is a wire render of Nelson. Can you help me with the problem around his arms?

Try selecting all on the body in edit mode and pressing ctrl-n (recalculate normals to the outside). That might fix your problem with the arms. If that doesn’t help, try to smooth out the transition a little bit.

Thanks for helping out it looks great now. :slight_smile:

No problem, was it recalcing the normals, or smoothing it out that fixed it?

Well I tried the recalculating the normal thing but it didn’t do anything, so I pulled the arm further away from the body and push-pulled some verts and made it better. :slight_smile: