Neltulz - Smart Frame 1.0.13 - Blender 2.81

Blender Addon that allows you to quickly frame selection, isolate selection, and display objects as templates (Wireframe with click-through capability)


Download Smart Frame Add-on


  • Frame Objects or All when nothing is selected using F key (Customizable in Keymap Preferences)

  • Frame Vertices, Edges, Faces, and adjust zoom level using F key (Customizable in Keymap Preferences)

  • Showstopper Feature: Frame multiple 3d viewports in multiple windows. This is a custom quad view layout so that each view can have its own custom display settings. Users who are familiar with Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max will greatly appreciate this!

  • Exclude object types (such as lights) when framing objects.

  • Isolate Objects, Vertices, Edges, or Faces when using the “SHIFT+F” Key (Customizable in Keymap Preferences)

  • Convert objects to Templates with click-through capability quickly and easily. Great for reference such as blueprints.

  • Panels


Select an object, face, edge, or vertice, and press F to frame, or Shift+F to isolate. CTRL+Shift+F to frame & isolate simultaneously. You can also exclude certain objects from being isolated, which is useful for preventing things like, image planes, or image backgrounds from being hidden.

If nothing in the scene is selected when pressing F to frame, “Frame All” will be chosen instead. You can also exclude by visibility, so you can exclude (for example) lights, when framing.

Please report any bugs here! :slight_smile:


Download Smart Frame Add-on

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Updated addon to v1.0.6


  • Added ability to display objects as “Templates” (Wireframe with select-through capability)
  • Improved display of exclusion list of objects from isolate.

Updated addon to v1.0.7


  • Added ability to “Hide Floor on Isolate” (Enabled by default)
  • Added ability to “Frame” and “Isolate” Bezier Curve points
  • Added Error messages when trying to “Frame” or “Isolate” unsupported object types while in “Edit” mode
  • Added “Use Advanced Settings” checkbox and “Show Error Messages” checkbox
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Updated addon to v1.0.8


  • Added ability to move the viewport to the origin
  • More object type support for framing and isolating. (Surface, Metaball, Grease Pencil, Armatures, etc.)
  • Organized & improved the sidebar panel
  • Added ability to use all regions when framing (Useful for quad view)
  • Simplified what is framed when nothing is selected
  • More Hotkey (Keymaps)
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Updated addon to v1.0.9


  • Added ability to hide axes when isolating objects
  • Added “Use Extreme Isolate”. When enabled, hidden objects will be “truly” hidden, granting a huge performance increase when adding objects to the scene and adjusting their operator properties.
    Use caution, this setting can cause the scene to take a very long time to refresh when unhiding all previously hidden objects, depending on scene complexity and total scene poly count.
  • Improve compatibility with other addons when performing UNDO or REDO. (Added “UNDO” to the operator options
  • Removed some console print messages.
  • Removed some unnecessary code that apparently did nothing.
  • Removed some code that was supposed to improve camera distance when framing only 1 vertice, but in many cases, was causing the camera to be too zoomed out.


Updated addon to v1.0.10


  • Added ability to isolate even when no objects are selected

Updated addon to v1.0.11


  • Smooth viewport animation: Added ‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’ to all view commands so that framing view or selected causes viewport to interpolate/animate to the destination.

Updated addon to v1.0.12


  • Shortened add-on name from “Smart Frame Selection” to “Smart Frame”

  • Set default sidebar tab name to “Neltulz” so that all Neltulz related sidebars from various Neltulz add-ons will be organized here.

  • Changed operator bl_idnames to improve organization. This may break things if you’ve added operators to any custom pie menus. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Improved sidebar panel significantly. Better use of space.

  • Reduced the number of keymaps by switching over to "3D View Generic. This should make it easier for users to customize keymaps

  • Ability to isolate even when all objects in the scene are selected

Updated add-on to v1.0.13


  • New Compact popup/pie panel and compact sidebar panel.

  • New alternate zoom method when framing. You can now adjust the zoom when framing objects, vertices, edges, faces, etc.

  • New ability to frame multiple 3D viewports, even in multiple windows. This is useful when framing objects or vertices when using custom layouts with multiple 3D views.

  • Ability to choose whether you want to smoothly frame, or frame instantaneously.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Could not frame object when there was no active object

  • Bug Fix: Unable to move viewport to origin in many situations (Edit mode, unselected objects, no active objects etc)


Thanks for another great update!
It would be great if you added the “show last hidden” option.

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Shortened explanation: The way the isolate feature in Smart Frame works is, if you’re in object mode and you have previously isolated one or more objects, the next time you press the isolate button, it unhides everything that was previously hidden.

Long, technical explanation: When you press the “isolate” button, it checks every visible object in the scene (except for the objects you currently have selected) and adds a custom property to the object called “ntzSmFrm_hidden”. Then, it hides every object with that custom property. The next time you click the isolate button, it will check every object for that custom property. If found, it will remove the property and unhide the object. This means, the isolate feature will respect any explicitly hidden objects in your scene, so that they do not get accidentally unhidden. My add-on’s isolate feature is similar to how Autodesk Maya isolates objects.

If you’re asking for a way to unhide an object that you hid another way (either via outliner, or some other hotkey), my add-on does not keep a record of objects that were previously hidden that way, so it does not currently have a way to do that. In fact, after checking with another blender user, blender itself does not keep a history of hidden objects. So, short of intercepting hide object events, I do not know how to implement what you are asking for.

If I am not understanding you clearly, can you clarify what you mean by “show last hidden”?

I didn’t know how much I needed this until I tried it. This is quite the useful tool! thanks.

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