Neltulz - Smart Frame Selection

Blender Addon that allows you to quickly frame selection, isolate selection, and display objects as templates (Wireframe with click-through capability)

How to use: Select an object, face, edge, or vertice, and press F to frame, or Shift+F to isolate. CTRL+Shift+F to frame & isolate simultaneously. You can also exclude certain objects from being isolated, which is useful for preventing things like, image planes, or image backgrounds from being hidden.

If nothing in the scene is selected when pressing F to frame, “Frame All” will be chosen instead. You can also exclude by visibility, so you can exclude (for example) lights, when framing.

Download Smart Frame Selection Addon

Please report any bugs here! :slight_smile:


Updated addon to v1.0.6


  • Added ability to display objects as “Templates” (Wireframe with select-through capability)
  • Improved display of exclusion list of objects from isolate.

Demonstration of new “Template” feature:


Updated addon to v1.0.7


  • Added ability to “Hide Floor on Isolate” (Enabled by default)
  • Added ability to “Frame” and “Isolate” Bezier Curve points
  • Added Error messages when trying to “Frame” or “Isolate” unsupported object types while in “Edit” mode
  • Added “Use Advanced Settings” checkbox and “Show Error Messages” checkbox

Updated addon to v1.0.8


  • Added ability to move the viewport to the origin
  • More object type support for framing and isolating. (Surface, Metaball, Grease Pencil, Armatures, etc.)
  • Organized & improved the sidebar panel
  • Added ability to use all regions when framing (Useful for quad view)
  • Simplified what is framed when nothing is selected
  • More Hotkey (Keymaps)