Neo - deco space yacht with interior

Hey there, this is my neo-deco space yacht project that I have been doing for years. This is a highly ambitious project with full exterior and interior. The style is using is a combination of art deco + retrofuturistic + a few more experimental style.
This project is far, far from done. But if you’re interested then I hope you’d get a good read of my entire progress so far.

(This project was inspired by the technical achievements of Star Citizen ship technology. It was such a hit that i thought to myself, if i want to go full gear in hard surface design, i gotta design an entire ship FROM SCRATCH.

2 colors will be used with adaptive coating based on environment heat, like in a cold environment the ship will be black to absorb more heat and while it’s in a hot environment, it will be white to absorb less heat) - Old description

(The ship take on the style of futurized Art Deco, an era of my favorite, it doesn’t mean that everything will be tied to the era, I’ll also apply my own implementation to it too to make the ship truly unique, currently about 2/5 of the ship is done. The only reason why this project takes so long is because it involve a WHOLE lot on luxury design, which is a mind bending subject for me since there’s a sh*t tonne of thoughts put into each and every single detail. So yeah this is gonna take a long while.

In the mean time, I’m still going to try to finish it and thanks to the great people who supported me along the way.) - Old description

The shape & size of the ship, notice a little dude inside

Thanks to @Josip_Kladaric for providing me with this awesome glass shader !


One of the most interesting piece here is the side component of the ship, it was originally supposed to be a wing-thruster hybrid, but then i found out that it has a small space allocation for thruster, and since increasing it size will also decrease the aesthetic value of it, so i kept it like this

But if the ship was to be based on art deco aesthetic, a hood ornament would go along nicely, this time it’s a space hood ornament, cuz why not ?

But this is still a work in progress, when the ship has reached a further stage, more detail will be added onto the surface to compensate for the blankness of the hull

The hood was inspired by similar ornament related to aircraft back then


Now the engine, absolute bonker to work on, it’s my favorite part. Since the shape provide some opportunity to shape it like those 60s chevrolet cars but pack way more punch

I also want the interior compartments to connect to the real world as well, so glasses are a must


Now the interior
This is the rough blockout stage

More refined with more details and furniture.

BUT, the roofs feel a little too short so i gave it a little more spaces

Now this room is made based on the layouts of some existing yacht, a common place with a jacuzzi and mini bars ( This time it’s a high tech storage)

Now this is the elevator to captain’s quarter, the elevator is going to be hidden, surrounded by cyclindral wooden wall, and the space above act as an observation deck, the elevator is locked unless the captain unlock it


Testing with new lighting in the mood room, i’ll design it to fit with the entire lighting space allocation


nice work man! this makes the 890 look like a f7c hornet :rofl:

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Add a few more detail to the common room

some engineering detail covered by deco


i did a quick render with procedural nebula to test the scene for upcoming final render
Photoshop post-processed


Nice progress you have there!

Procedural nebula, you say?
Is it a paid addon or something you made yourself with nodes? In either case, I want to know more about this, because it makes everything look so epic.

Its a node setup using noise texture, you can look up Advanced Nebula by Curtis Holt on youtube for it. But if you want a 2D version to save time and not turning your pc to a barbeque party then use the 2D setup ( i forgot his name ) but just look up for Mark Kingsnorth nebula

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Rotary reaction control system, used to steer and help the ship with maneuvering in space


Ambient lounge, located beneath the mood room with full glass floor with large cursive screen that will display natural scene and surreal sound system.


Modified the bar area a little, i think the previous version didn’t look too much like a bar.


Rough blockout of the kitchen, i quite like the lighting result here

love the design, it reminds me a bit of Orokin levels in Warframe

Refined the texture a little with some grunge & imperfection on most visible material, good thing is that this grunge map goes with everything.

Now i think this is a cool one, a small dining table area set right next to the window of the ship, the chair is mounted on the curve, will add more detail to the curve later


Playing around with the common room’s layout and added some carpet to divide the conversation area from the eating area.


This is looking really cool!

I actually worked on the 890 in Star Citizen (I did the modelling and texturing of the bridge interior and almost all of the lighting for the entire ship). Not sure if you’re looking for feedback or not but here’s some quick points that might be worth going over:

  1. The massive elements in the front area of the ship with the hood ornament feels like it betrays the scale (at least in those first shots). These elements are just too big and chunky IMO, if you add a character standing next to the hood ornament I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.
  2. The rear thruster is cool but it doesn’t really conform to the shape of the hull around it. It needs more elements that match up with the rest of the hull to motivate why the hull goes out as far as it does. Like you mentioned earlier a thruster within each of those wing spaces would help with that.
  3. The exterior of the bridge needs to be integrated better but it looks like that’s probably still WIP in the only shot where it’s visible.
  4. I like the material breakup in your last shot, but I think some of the others might be a bit too uniformly brown (especially the kitchen area).
  5. I think the ‘2nd stage’ shot in post number 5 looks better because the ceiling is a lot less busy and more elegant. It doesn’t feel like the ceiling needs to be as high as it is in the 3rd shot. The lighting is also a lot more pleasant IMO.

Keep up the good work.