Neo - deco space yacht with interior

I’m stunned.
The amount of detail and thought that went into this is impressive.
Also, I really appreciate the PREY vibe that I have from this.
Keep it up. It’s amazing.

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I love the concept you are creating an entire enclosed environment, that can explore the universe. It reminds me of the original Star-trek concept before the fighting and action took over.
Simply awesome!

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Thanks ! Honestly Prey was one of the source of inspiration, without it i would still be stuck in the loop on some design ideas.

My plan was to create a unique brand that cater more about the owner’s experience inside, not outside so that’s why you don’t see lots of paneling going on on the exterior’s surface, it was… kinda tough to resist the temptation of applying tons of paneling onto the surface of the ship to meet hard surface design standard. But i decided that Corbusier Cosmos will invest more into its interior so yes… The brand was a struggle, the more i work on the yacht the closer the brand come to me. It was indeed a universe to explore.

Also check out the new shuttle, it’s another concept ship from the same brand.

I’ve uploaded quite a few pics of the path-traced preview render for the interior ! Check it out

Guys i need critics to boost my progress, check it out here, i’ve written most of my concerns here

I do actually like the streamlined look of the exterior, not all ships have to be full of panels! The gun also looks lovely and modern. Maybe the up and down thrust are a bit small for a ship this size.

The shuttle looks good as well.

You have achieved the brand look you were after.

My (humble) thoughts about the lighting and colour scheme.

Most of the renders are very bright and homogenous, as if an hdri was lighting every thing with the same intensity. All the spaces have a golden and white scheme, if I was to cruise in there a few months/light-years I would probably need a «green» room or a blue space to chill out.

If there are not that many separate spaces this could be done with the lights, (I like the orb lights).

I am sure that the orbs, chandeliers etc. would be capable of changing colour and intensity to create different atmospheres for different states of mind and mimic times of day/night. Even the surfaces could morph colours like a chameleon.

I do realize that you are in progress and the renders are not using the definite lighting setup, also I would not like to influence you if you are fond of the look you have already.

I am not to keen on the signage, if it was your ship you would be well aware of which room you are in or where the booze is, maybe it could show some more useful info like how many light-years to the destiny or the inside temperature and humidity asteroid conditions etc.

I know how much work and thought goes into a project like this and it is easy to feel drained.

Keep going it will be worth it!


Wow thanks a lot ! I’m glad you gave me constructive criticism, most of the people in my country when i ask them to critic my work, they just blast my work with their “hostile ego”, it’s dreadful.

Indeed the color can change, it’s futuristic after all, there’s nothing to set me back, the lighting is at the top of the list in things that keep me awake thinking about the project. I want the lighting to compliment the luxury of the ship while also keep the guest sane ( like for example having a permanent blue light for the ship ? That’d drive them insane ). So i still have more to experiment with.

Also yea, the details are to be added later, it’s a 110m+ ship, i wouldn’t want people to get lost, even though the ship is really linear.

Thanks again

Hiya, i have been super busy lately with all the dissertation & researches i needed to conduct so the ship project has been halted for quite some time. The expectation is that the project will take much longer to finish so I decided to revisit this project to test out some idea before going back to my dissertation.

Last time i received some feedback about the ship not being futuristic enough due to the classiness of the interior ( Although that was exactly my goal ), i took it into heart and test out some new ideas about customizable lighting & material and some holographic interface in the future. Some palette like winter, retrowave, warm,… like this, but this is just the general lighting, more holographic lighting with complementary colors will be added later since i had just discovered some new node design for the perfect hologram lighting.


Hi @Gebalt3Dee, your design is epic and inspiring. Very much enjoyed the progress you are showcasing here and I’m looking forward to seeing more and naturally your final design too (hopefully you’ll have the chance to do that). Have you considered a tutorial based on your ArtDeco ship?

Cheers & stay safe!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I will surely will finish this, it’s just the scope of the ship and the amount of details I want to put in is taking Its toll on me, I still have much more rooms left to design. The hard thing about the ship is that it follows luxurious design so everything has to be well designed, so it will surely take longer.

And no I haven’t thought about this yet, but I am considering a walk around video of this ship rendered in Eevee tho.

The complexity is awesome. Keep going… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Resumed my work on the yacht, now finishing the sizable jacuzzi at the back of the ship, the jacuzzi provide quite a nice view from the back of the ship. Just some decoration left and the draft should be done, maybe some tree or towels ?

But i have another problem to deal with, mainly at the cabin. The thing is topology, I wanted to put some windows in the cabin for obvious reason, but it would require me to dig a few complicated hole through the hull, so the solution ( more like a trick ) is to replace windows with ultra HD low heat screen that stream image from outside and can filter out bright light, change view at will,… inspired by blade runner.

Also I have looked up real data of how many cabins a superyacht would have, It’s only around 5 to 6 or sometimes higher, otherwise it would be considered a passenger ship.

The ship’s curved provided some challenges in designing the cabins layout in a way that make them suitable for luxurious interior design, like this one, this one has a width limitation because they almost touch the hull, so i had to think about how to design a long stateroom.

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Detailed the aft jacuzzi, with glowing candle - like material and some basic rolled up towel as well as some plant pots / ivies

Quite a nice view to me ( The floating things are the backup models lol )

Also a preview of the ship level of detail density compared to exterior detail density, this is where Star Citizen bug me the most, since some of their ships have tons of detail in the exterior as well as interior which make them look quite overwhelming

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Putting together the billiard and smoking room was quite a breeze since I already knew what do do next and some assets that I made previously fit the room also made it easier.
Feature a mini bar, a trophy case, simple floating lights and a billiard table, decorated by some light framed art deco painting and plants. It is located right beneath the star gazer lounge

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Added some more details to the billiard & smoking room and experimented with the lighting & material setup, It is designed to be a pub experience in a close quarter so mood light would come in handy.

Also I have put so many details into the ship that I think I’m gonna have lots of fun doing close up renders


Alright I added in pool water for the jacuzzi, the wave was done using dynamic paint with a custom brush shape, the caustic material is in the link below. But another problem arise, it’s the denoising engine I usually use, normally I’d pick optiX for the denoising due to some differences in quality and their viewport rendering speed ( I haven’t tested normal render yet ), but optiX can’t handle fireflies well, luckily OID ( Open image denoiser ) solved the problem.

THEN another problem appear, glass shader from principled BSDF won’t let light from the sun lamp pass through, so I fixed the problem with this node setup

=> Preview render is faster but result is murky, fireflies exist when using wrong glass setup ( see below )

  • Second test glass shader, standard principled BSDF glass setup ( top ) vs custom node ( bottom ), clamp indirect & direct all 0, filter glossy 0.5

  • Third test, Optix + Principled BSDF glass ( top ) vs OID + custom glass setup ( bottom )

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Added in the elevator that goes from the top aft deck to the yacht’s cabin, simple design with some highlighting elements and a clear top view provided by glass. More detail like elevator panels, safety switches, floor decorations,… will be added later.


Updated the mid deck a bit, especially with the color choice and the contrast color, removed the barrier in between since it look quite irritating now, then i reworked on the roof with curved line and some star - like hologram lighting shrinkwrapped to it

The material color can definitely be changed depending on theme


Hi there just to let you know I still pop in to see how you are going. Great progress, I like the different colour schemes. The custom glass for the water looks great, I have never been keen on the default glass shader myself (+ water is not glass!).

Very posh elevator and I think those «star-like holograms» look lovely, defiantly futurist.

You will have to take us for a cruise around the universe when you are finished!

Have fun.

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