Neo - deco space yacht with interior

Thanks for the feedback ! I would actually like to hear from someone who worked on a Star Citizen ship before.

Im still considering making the ornament smaller or to have it connected to the hull much more visibly, i still dont know yet how will i connect it in a smooth way

As for the thruster i already have plan to add curved thruster onto the wing, i could use something like those flat thruster in Mass Effect ship.

Yep still WIP on the bridge, but how would you recommend me to connect it tho ?

The kitchen area does have a few different material now tho, it was a blockout but im still experimenting with more color blending

That part had me thinking for quite sometimes because i have been through a few places where people relax and they usually have a tall ceiling ( like a library, coffee shop … ) the original is really low, like 2 or 2.15m so it would be uncomfortable.

I’ll keep updating this beauty ! But critics are welcomed since i have never done something of this scale

Glad you appreciated the feedback! Making something this big can be quite daunting, on the 890 we split up the work between a lot of different people so it definitely wasn’t a one man project like this one.

I think the hood ornament is cool, but it’s going to be tricky to make it work. I’d try push it further forwards so it stands out more.

I would try to separate the bridge off a bit more by turning it into it’s own element. On the 890 we made a pretty big dark gutter around the bridge to exaggerate the separation a bit more. Doing this also made it a lot easier to separate the interior from the exterior so we didn’t just have a continuous surface that ran from the exterior right into the interior. You already have a bit of this kid of gutter in the front of the bridge, but you could potentially do it all the way around.

Yeah, I think you might be right, the ceiling definitely needs to be higher than 2.15m (didn’t look like it was that small). I’d try to aim for some kind of middle-point between the two ceilings.
Also is there a staircase leading down into another room in the middle between the tables? If so I’d consider adding in a handrail to sell that idea better because it’s really not obvious from the camera position.

Are you planning to take this into a game-engine at some point or just do stills from Blender?

New update: Unwrapping is f**cking torture

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I think i have to postpone this for a while to focus on my 4 university D E A D L I N E S, but i still have some new stuff tho. Enjoy this new cloud render, it’s my new background now.



Reworked the wing during freetime and now it’s in A L L Q U A D S yeah boi screw those ngons

It now has narrow set of thrusters running alongside the rear wing

underwing shot

Very interesting design. You’re pretty good “futurist”… :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

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Reworked the nose parts

This time all quads, no ngons no shit

And i got this chunk of ngons to fix, lol

not actually “lol” it looks saddening, i wished i took care of the creation process better

So i fixed most of the ngons surfaces, but at what cost …

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Added a padding underneath the ship, the padding connect to the wing and also act as a vent for rear engine, while also act as a way to land the ship ( rear landing padding ), the front will have gears to support of course.

the ship will also have a line of light running across the body, cuz u know, it’s a yacht, i design it to look lively. Also it looks dark because the environment light has been turned off to show the glow.

Some test render of the outer lighting & changed the layout of the common room a bit

Got rid of the fugly block right in the middle of the view in favor for a more open space. More details will be added soon

Also should i change the ceiling light to pure white instead of very pale orange ?


i kinda like the subtle orange, its very classy. makes me think of those titanic movies.

the white is too harsh, like an office. im guessing the guests will be wanting to get away from the office lol.

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New shoes, landing gears at the near front nose, back body support gear will be developed similar to this.


Progress of the turret mount on the back of the ship


Great detail and imagination, very inspiring!

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A few test render of the ship exterior, added some subtle plate texture, i don’t want to overdo the plating since i wanna try something different rather than conforming to the traditional “star wars plating” style of ship hull design.

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It’s time for GUNSSSS - In this case, it’s going to be a hepta barrel - cannon firing stream of burning energy beam.

Yeah big ass gun, but still follow the design language

Currently levitating, the platform will be designed later, now it’s time for Lunar new year eve party.


Update on the turret with more detail & better HDRI for metallic product, i think i’ll do a render showcase of this turret individually after it is finnished.

No substance painter involved, just decals & texture mixing. The UV maps will be corrected later, now i’m just using smart UV to see how it will looks like