Neo - deco space yacht with interior

Took me long enough to discover IES light support in 2.8 !!

Now onto the bridge

Any suggestion guys ?

Brought my laptop along when i had to go outside and updated the Ambient lounge, just right beneath the common room, new lighting setup, redesigned the ceiling…

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Blocking out the cockpit & a holo table area at the back

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I think i’ll be busy this month since Doom Eternal is out, and the Slayer is toooo temptingggg. But i finished the captain’s chair tho

Co-pilot chair will be similar to this. Screens, control panels, few switches, a holo display… coming soon… as soon as i’m done Rip n Tear.

Also there’s a mini plantation in the kitchen & a set of dishes now ( i got this idea from my grandma’s kitchen )

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First looks of the bridge in cycle render + current lighting setup, more seat + control board is being added

Perhaps you should work with an more galactic e environment map? To work in more accurate lightening condition.
Anyway. Cool job.

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Amazing project, very nice. Might be advanced civilization, because everything is molded, curved , seamless !

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Detailing the bridge a bit

A small server farm on the bridge acting as processing unit for the ship’s management system, 2 farms in total

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Detailed a bit + new screens displays

Small review of the cycle render

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Successful test for the holographic material

Building the back chat room for the crews

Alright i sped thru the back chat room for the captain, made a space for talks between the captain/owner and the guests who wishes to speak to them

And also got this new nice plant from chocofur, won it from a CGBoost challenge, it’s real good with adjustable material at my fingertip

And a booze storage


Working on the aft deck, including the Gym - Jacuzzi - Stargazing loungechair etc etc…

There’s 1 big jacuzzi at the backmost of the ship, made out of white marble floor and granite, the jacuzzi & gym & stargazer lounge were reserved for this space with the best view

Ceiling light is being planned,


It’s quite a while since the last time i posted an update for the ship since i’ve been quite busy with other stuff lately, but now i’m on track again, so the aft deck plan is done and i’m currently building it and decorating it now

Beneath the aft is an entrance to a cigar lounge/billard room

And some quick stair i made for the entrance with side lit lighting

The more i work on the yacht the more i feel like home, maybe it’s a good thing, or maybe it’s just the megascans texture lol.

Also i redecorated a few rooms, i decided it was best to maximize the view from the windows, so i removed some structure to make room for it, as for the aft tho, some structure serve as decorations for the exterior so i still have to consider.

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I just got an idea for a crazy decorative lighting, inspired by my friend’s room
Scattered orbs of lights like hundred of planets are shining in the sky.
Gotta test with the gradient later

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Added some more decorations & furniture

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Wow, your work is IMPRESSIVE.
I really can’t help you but I can give you all my support to continue. I really want to see the final render gallery of all of this.

I’m really curious about how you work your materials? All nodes ? Substances painter ? Paid textures ?
I really like your textures like paint because it looks new but realistic with scratches and imperfections, how do you manage to have these results ?

Sorry for all of these questions but I’m really interested about your work !

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Thanks a lot ! Although the finalization of this project is far from now, it has already made a solid foundation for future construction so i won’t be too hindered by ideas. There are quite a lot of rooms left to be done, but that’s all of it, the exterior is done for, maybe i’ll edit the texture later in Mixer but not now.

The way i work with material is by using megascans texture from Quixel, they really worth the investment, they made the scene realistic by almost 65% more from my perspective just as soon as i applied them. Although i did use some of Blender procedural textures for a few material & some models that i won from CGBoost’s challenge sometimes ago to decorate the ship even more.

Quixel megascans provide a really satisfying collection of imperfection that i can just plug in to the material without too much work, i just have to import them then edit the UV node and done. I didn’t use Substance Painter in this project, since i didn’t like to export and import too much so i’ll stick to megascan and blender procedural node for now. If there’s a stable bridge addon for Blender & SP i’d love to use it.

Also i wanted to build an “art deco inspired” hover ( or wheeled ? ) car that goes as a “gift” for whoever purchase the yacht, that’d be a nice flexing material for the owner :joy:

That’s really interesting. I didn’t know about megascan I will check that. Thanks for you informations !

I’m stunned.
The amount of detail and thought that went into this is impressive.
Also, I really appreciate the PREY vibe that I have from this.
Keep it up. It’s amazing.

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