Neo - deco space yacht with interior

Now experimenting with the first floor cabin hallway, it’s just a small hallway so not much details are needed beside some decors and lighting.

I’m still deciding on the lighting options, from full bright from ceiling or balanced light between ceiling and indirect, which one look good to you ?


My vote goes for the second image.

I can see that this model will start to take its toll on memory use, I think that if you separate the different rooms into different scenes it will lighten resources.
If the main hull is one big object you can put it in its own scene and instance it to the others.

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Revisited the bottom room of mid deck, this room feature a large glass for guests to see and hanging seats for the feeling of elevation, the special thing about this room is it combine both the large bottom glass with an ultra HD widescreen to alter the environment around them.

Preview image is blurry

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I’m experimenting with a few ways to break the monotony lighting in a few rooms, especially the common room, what’s your guys’ opinion on the holographic ceiling with various images like stars and some nicely done vector art ?

The common room is a problematic one since it consist of 4 ~ 5 sectors within a space so this room always give me some headache

What’s your guys’ opinions on cherry trees in the common room as well as the new lighting ? My opinion is that it made the room much livelier compared to before ( also with the help of hologram cloud shader )
The chandelier will now be used for the dining room instead, next room to be done will be the spa room.

My (personal) opinion is that they seem a bit out of place.

Maybe lol, but there is something about having a tree indoor that made the environment feel so lively to me :P, they feel breathable.

It is just my personal opinion, maybe other people will have different thoughts. Being a space yacht it could have a dedicated room for «greenhouse», like in the film «silent running» (very old but epic film!)

Keep it up you are doing a great job, I love the panoramic views from the mid deck, it would be great to see it going through a nebula!