Neo - deco space yacht with interior

Now experimenting with the first floor cabin hallway, it’s just a small hallway so not much details are needed beside some decors and lighting.

I’m still deciding on the lighting options, from full bright from ceiling or balanced light between ceiling and indirect, which one look good to you ?


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My vote goes for the second image.

I can see that this model will start to take its toll on memory use, I think that if you separate the different rooms into different scenes it will lighten resources.
If the main hull is one big object you can put it in its own scene and instance it to the others.

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Revisited the bottom room of mid deck, this room feature a large glass for guests to see and hanging seats for the feeling of elevation, the special thing about this room is it combine both the large bottom glass with an ultra HD widescreen to alter the environment around them.

Preview image is blurry

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I’m experimenting with a few ways to break the monotony lighting in a few rooms, especially the common room, what’s your guys’ opinion on the holographic ceiling with various images like stars and some nicely done vector art ?

The common room is a problematic one since it consist of 4 ~ 5 sectors within a space so this room always give me some headache

What’s your guys’ opinions on cherry trees in the common room as well as the new lighting ? My opinion is that it made the room much livelier compared to before ( also with the help of hologram cloud shader )
The chandelier will now be used for the dining room instead, next room to be done will be the spa room.

My (personal) opinion is that they seem a bit out of place.

Maybe lol, but there is something about having a tree indoor that made the environment feel so lively to me :P, they feel breathable.

It is just my personal opinion, maybe other people will have different thoughts. Being a space yacht it could have a dedicated room for «greenhouse», like in the film «silent running» (very old but epic film!)

Keep it up you are doing a great job, I love the panoramic views from the mid deck, it would be great to see it going through a nebula!

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Pardon my french but I f****** love this! Absolutely top notch

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Thanks guy ! I’m currently taking a break from the project and work on another one so my head’s not gonna explode from interior design, it’s a Cyberpunk 2077 inspired car for the Hyperclass, I’m thinking of putting this into the yacht’s hangar as a bonus. It has no window, cyberpunk style.

The V - Trine Grandio

Hey guys ! Finally back to the project, I’ve been having a really really long break from it, mainly because I felt like the skillset I had back when I took a break from this isn’t enough. So I postponed it to train myself on other smaller project. Now I’m back and ready to hopefully finish it lol.

Also the release of Cycle X (Only experimental now) is a blessing since the render time is improved greatly, before it everything render at crawling speed

Here’s a few shot rendered at 1000 samples


Back again to the project ! I’m taking an internship right now and currently having a job offer I’m about to take on so the project is still going quite slow unfortunately, but also fortunately I still have some free time to try to finish the whole ship.
A couple of changes so far:

Entire ship hull material has been changed to a more luxury coating, I decided to go for a more stylized route with the ship instead of the original black and rough coating. Now it is somewhat similar to a car material but more metallic and slightly reflective with a nice sheen on the edge.

Also revamped the back of the ship, going for a more open route, since it’s a yacht in space, there’s no point for complete privacy in every corner considering the fact that this isn’t a cruise ship :thinking:

Added in a spa room under construction beneath the left side of the back

And a sauna room with artificial sunlight and shadow to simulate the senses of being home, it’s also a test of bounce light with white light reflecting off of the color of the wooden material, it’s looking pretty calm now.


Looking fantastic!

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Hmm I just tried slight beige on the ship and it’s looking super fresh ! So I got an idea for adaptive coating based on environment heat, like in a cold environment the ship will be black to absorb more heat and while it’s in a hot environment, it will be white to absorb less heat

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I’ve always liked Deco so this whole project is really appealing. You’re doing great work, you must have learned a ton. It’s amazing that you’ve worked on this for, what, like 1.5 years?

Many parts of this are impressive, the subtle texture in every surface, the many color and lighting schemes you’re trying out, the willingness to scrap what must be a lot of modelling because you want a different look to the chandeliers or a whole room; but what impresses me the most is your commitment to a consistent aesthetic. I have to wonder if there are mood boards, PureRef files, directories full of inspiration, maybe even sketches?

Since you’ve actively asked for opinions and critiques, I have some, but keep foremost in your mind that I’m thoroughly impressed already and you clearly have an excellent sense of your aesthetic. Trust yourself!

I think the idea of a luxury liner/exploration vessel with guns that big is kind of incongruous? Like, nothing inside is stowed, battened, secured in a way that I would think even a modest warship would be. It’s hard to reconcile the interior with the idea of any space battle whatsoever. This is just me, though. I concede big guns look rad as hell.

The little twinkle lights and the star hologram lighting is a really inspired touch. I’d be inclined to use even more of it. In general, I like the slightly darker lighting schemes with a bit of occlusion rather than the white/gold/red bright ones.

The idea of the light/dark smart material that switches on the outside is really good, maybe you could have some similar ideas for lighting or even surfaces inside for day/night or even docked/underway? Maybe you already do.

I really like the idea of lots of plants and greenery like you have, I think this would be such a luxury for space travel. Maybe even a few spots of knotty, whorly polished wood or wooden sculpture for some focus points?

This last is very subjective, but I’d be inclined to… tone down/make simpler some areas? The idea that there’s a rhythm to the space, that your eye needs a place to rest; like that hallway you showed was really nice, but it’s a between place, to me it could have a bit less going on in it. You have this tone of opulence which completely justifies having such detail everywhere, so feel free to disregard this.

Well I wrote more than I expected but I’m just amazed that you’ve been working on this so long and consistently while also doing other things in your life like school and work. I hope you take any critiques I had up there in the spirit of me being invested in this just by reading through this thread.

Keep it up!

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Thanks for all the feedback ! Had it not been for all those feedback I might not have been able to change a whole lot of things for the better, I still have a lot of things to use in mind so all ideas are appreciated.

The turrets idea came from the time when I was still super interested in Star Citizen lol, now I think a better option for those turrets would be either disruptor drones or torpedoes… Since I was heavily inspired by Star Citizen back then, but now, I am developing my own design characteristics now so there will be a lot of changes in original idea !

But anyway here’s a few more update with the spa - sauna room

Sauna room was inspired by himalayan salt sauna and a traditional sauna materials.

Alternative lighting for the sauna room use the same idea as the observation deck with a holographic surround view for a much better experience

I imagine that this would work by tracking the user’s view and adjusting the HDRI to give it the best and most immersive viewing angle of the scene :thinking:

Built a rather simple storage room just right beneath the aft, equipped with UV light for passive sterilization and basic storage units.

Also I think the exterior could be reworked even further with more curvy lines to make it easier on the eye, since some of its part right now is quite sharp

Gonna work on the room now, right now they are very bare bones with not a lot of decorative element inside, but the idea are being generated as I experiment more with those design and from inspirations.

The bed was hugely inspired by this

But the screen will be much bigger and immersive, ofc Im going to implement some of my own idea into it, these designs are still very rough.

New update on the room and some more test renders
Lighting option 1 - Holographic projection wrapped around the back of the room with adjustable gradient for soft lighting.

Lighting option 2 ( in work ) - Planned to have either small slits of lights across the roof or standard line of light that run across the cornices as well as some spot lights for highlights

The lights can be switched between immersive mood lighting or standard room lighting.
Behind is where the wardrobe take place with a large mirror and enough compartment for clothes and other items.

But if I use lighting option 1 then it looks good on other angle, but the light bounce everywhere so there is a lack of occlusion to differentiate between objects, it is toggleable tho, no biggie

New update on the room ! Got quite a bit of things already put in, what else should I do with it hmm, maybe this is enough, I’ll start working on the bathroom next.