Neo (matrix)

Final Image

This is awesome bro! I like it!

I think it need more green. :slight_smile:


I think you caught the moment quite nicely.

very familiar. Not bad at all.

very nice!

:wink: thks
Craig jones

Great job!!!

Good work man especially with the character. the bg looks a little less real than the character. But good job. But the character dont look much like keenu reeves . was it intentional?

Great job! The face looks good and there is a resemblance to keanu reeves…but the hand looks like that of a man 3 times his age…still good work tho! :slight_smile:

wow really great work! in my opinion the background could be a bit darker, or maybe its just because the wall texture are a bit too "clean", but thats just my personal opinion;-)

the character looks super realistic…