neoaxis game engine

have you guys seen the new neoaxis game engine? its cool and user freindly, but you have to use OGRE. damn it man i hate OGRE. and it dont use openGL, whats the the deal with that? but its sooo coooool i acutally downloaded OGRE… shame on me:(

what do you think of it?

I was just giving it a look. It does look cool. Between Neoaxis, Blender, Unreal, Quake, and all the other game engines out there it seems to me we are reinventing the wheel.

They are all aimed at accomplishing the same things, in their own unique ways. Why can’t there be ONE game engine that all the engine programmers support and improve, and does everything, seemlessly, and effortlessly,…and make it free too.

Seriously through, I would really like to see a comparison across the major engines , so that I know which one(s) are right for me.

i just dont want to use OGRE. what is OGRE anyway? i cant even open the god damn thing. DAMN IT! WHY OGRE!?! WHY .MESH!? WHY NOT .OBJ or .3DS!!!?!

i hate ogre…

Strange, most people seem to think OGRE is great.

From what I can gather it seems to be a render engine of sorts. There was some talk a while back about Blender integrating OGRE technology so that it would be able to render faster. (I haven’t followed it that close, so I could be way off.)

I’m with you on being confused with the many engines and programs.

you know what? i looked at the neo axis for a few moments and found it to be awsome… but i dont like ogre and neoaxis crashes too much. blnder game engine suxs too, its not possible to build a great game for free. its just not. screw it, im done with games. THANKS ALOT NEOAXIS! you killed gamemaking for me…

What kind of attitude is that. It depends on your definition of “great games”. If you’re interested in building a game like Star Craft, or Halo, then you’ll just have to…

1.) find a team of a 50-100 programmers and designers
2.) invest about 2 years of development time, and a real pretty penny.
3.) and be very, very, patient with the whole process.

IF GAME BUILDING WAS EASY, EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT. It takes time and effort, just like anything else. But game building has definitely become easier because of tools like Blender. I’m no programmer, but I’ve successfully built simple games with Blender.

If you really want to build something, start small. If you can’t figure something out, ask your local geek (that’s what I do), they’re usually excited to have normal people talk to them, so they love to help.

If you really aren’t that determined or patient, take the other road…wait for others to build it, then enjoy or criticize it.

no i was just ranting, im over it now and im back to making my blender game. i just got really excited and got my hopes shattered all at the same time. hate it when that happens.

Just stick with crystalspace, and blender for simple games.

May we stick to Torque too?

I feel my possibilities have been increased with Blender now that I know that the expression logic brick can compare two different properties. I’m sticking with Blender to make my games, I already have a bunch of partially completed prototypes working and I already have it. (Neoaxis is over 60 megs)

Ehm, a lot of confusion here.

  1. Ogre IS using OpenGL as one of the possible backends (for example funny
    fungoloids is ported to linux that has only openGL as backend)

  2. Neoaxis is not a 3D engine. Neoaxis is a game framework that uses Ogre as 3D
    engine, it just “glues” music and other components to ogre, which is the way
    Neoaxis does 3D (look ).
    Sadly, Neoaxis losed Linux and maybe OpenGL compatibility, but that’s because they used C#,
    not because of Ogre.