Neobrutal Chessmen designed in Blender

Hello guys I designed this chess in Blender first meant to be 3D printed but I been casting it in concrete. Here are some renders and pictures. I would love to hear some feedback from people who actually play before commiting to making more.

here are some pictures of the casted parts:


It looks very nice. I do notice that the King at first glance appears to have a face. You might wish to consider removing the two verticals beneath the arms of the cross. Or, make them diagonal. If you don’t want that.

Are the bishops asymmetrical?

“Chess sets and Tarot decks … I love what artists can do with them.”

Thanks! I see what you mean the king will indeed look cleaner, I will test it out. The bishops are symmetrical , no need to make them asymetrical as every other side is the opposite. Not sure if that explains itself but heres a 3d view.

Neobrutal chess by luigipacheco on Sketchfab