Neon Alley

This guy is looking for someone in some sneaky alley. Danger lurking at every corner in a place like this… better watch out!
Hi! This scene was done mainly to test TexturingXYZ multichannel textures and R3DS wrap, following the workflow of this tutorial After wrapping the textures I used photoshop to touch them up. I used marvelous designer to create and animate the jacket. The animation was taken from mixamo and the base for the face was from DAZ. The scultping, scene, lighting and rendering is done in blender.

I used the e-cycles version which introduces several features and speed ups for cycles (more info here E-Cycles - Faster CUDA rendering and better AI denoising).
Ecycles it’s quite amazing, the additional features and the raw speed up you get on gpu are well worth the price in my opinion. In the end the animation was rendered on cpu on azure cloud, but even just the ability to use the intel open image denoiser allowed me to use much less samples than I would have without ecycles, so even on cpu it was much faster.

I also rendered an eevee version, but I am not really experienced with it. I have to say I have a bit of a bittersweet taste towards eevee at the moment. This sequence rendered in about 2 minutes per frame in full HD… now that’s still much less than the 12 minutes my 1060 was taking to render the ecycles version, but I was hoping for a bit more speed from eevee. On top of that, it’s hard to understand if it’s the scene building time or the actual sampling… I can’t get any info on the process like for cycles. Maybe it can get better with a bit more experience with the engine, and I am sure the devs will put in more optimizations. I also wasn’t able to use the mask out collection function for the render layers… is that working correctly in 2.8 at the moment?

Anyway… I hope you like it!



Awesome :slight_smile: I like the ambiance. Did you try with the preset very fast on E-Cycles?

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Nicely done :+1: …stick with PathTracing for work like this unless your going for a game/ real-time aesthetic.

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Sorry for the late replies, I am not sure I was getting notifications here, or maybe I just missed them!
thanks guys, I am glad you liked it :slight_smile: