Neon Back-lit Sign.. lighting?

The project im working on has a neon back-lit sign… like this one… im having a hard time getting the lighting right… ive tried using a whole bunch of lamps with very low intensity, and it just wasnt uniform all the way around the letters… any suggestions?

Have you tried using a halo material on a mesh contoured to the shape of the letters?

Yea, ive tried that too… i dont have a ton of experience with halos. It either looked like a bunch of dots, or it was so bright and big, that the letters were illegable.

Wrong forum.

Set your material to emit.

Don’t use lamps to light your sign, what you will need to do is pump up the emit in the material options. You should probably put it all the way up.

If you want a glow effect, just creat a plane, subdivide it, and place it infront of where the sign is, set the plane to a halo texture, and turn the add up, if you want an extreme glow, just turn on flare.