Neon Light Issue

I have a some neon lights in a scene that seem to be pixelated and noisy. If I turn up the levels (Cycles render) to 3000 then it comes out how I want but is there anything else I could with clamps or something instead to avoid long render times?

Use denoising, the option is under Sampling.

I do have that on.

Radius 8 px, strength and feature strength .5

The mentioned option i mean to reduce noise is here, optix or opendenoiser:

The option you use will not slove this kind of noise, it just a simple version picture tools use too.

ah I see, thank you. Sadly tho, I tried each of those denoisers and none of them changed anything…

I would guess 512 samples with optix or open denoiser should kill mostly all noise.
Perhaps there is another part that causes to much noise, maybe you can post your .blendfile so we can take a look at it.

Hmm yea it’s not doing enough. Here’s my blender file included with textures.

My pc is hardly able to handle your .blendfile with textures. Tested without textures.
However it tested your .blendfile and it is the “sky” volume that is get it noisy. Without volume the noise vanished. I know there is a special material setup for fog to minimize noise but i cannot find it yet. Volume fog works bad with a sun light. You might consider use another lightsource maybe.

Also i think the material after the neon sights is wrong, you are using displacement just on a block, i guess you wanted use bump.

You must have a really powerful system if you set cycles preview to 300 samples :open_mouth:

This might help and decrease rendertime:

yeah, like Rigoletto said, its the volumetrics. like he said, a mist pass will probably get you 99% of the way there, but you can also try baking an irradiance volume in eevee and rendering those volume passes out there and compositing with the mist pass as a mask.

Did not expect to see those references in the marquee though, hahaha