Neon Rocket

This was a submission into Manu Järvinen’s Blender Appreciation project

I started with the Default Cube and Extruded with x/y 2/-2 until the shape was done. Added a Wireframe Modifier and set the material as an Emitter.

Then I added Cones as Emitters of ICO spheres and added a Force field Wind. The ICO sphere material was Object-Random->ColorRamp-Constant->Emitter.

I animated the ship moving for a few frames and added Motion Blur. Then I split the Rocket and the Boosters into separate Layers.

In the Compositor added separate Glare filters to each source and combined them.

I had tried to get a good fish-eye type affect from the camera settings, but nothing really worked. Using the Lens distortion with a negative value not only gave the fish-eye I was looking for. but also a little chromatic aberration.

Manu Järvinen is still accepting Blender Appreciation Rockets and you can submit multiple times.