Neon Surrealism

Hi all!

I’ve always been fascinated by artworks which combine realistic settings with surrealistic elements. So when riding on a Berlin subway train I had the idea of combining the dim warm light inside with bright neon colors of fluorescent tubes. As I’m always listening to music on the train I decided to illustrate this with a gramophone which I hope adds to the surrealism.
Everything is modeled and textured by me except for the gramophone.

Texturing was done mainly in Blender with a little help of Substance Designer and Photoshop. Unfortunately I could not find an high resolution image of the very iconic route maps and stickers of the Berlin subway. So I decided to recreate them what probably took most of the time I spend on texturing :smiley:

The video was actually rendered for Instagram (@robert_rske) so please don’t be too distracted by the noise… :slight_smile: [Music: Tinush - “Neon”]

Hope you like it!


man this is an amazing work