NeoTextureEdit Genetica and Texturemaker alternative.

I have been an avid Texturmaker user since it was first released. Then i moved on to genetica because of all the nifty presets, and because my work was paying the bill’s.

I just came across this the other day , and I am completely amazed at the ease and speed in which I am able to produce some common textures.

It has some sort of export capability, and can be tweaked using JAVA.

It would really be neat to see a pipeline from this into blender!

I have been using the nodes in blender for quite some time now, and to come up with anything useful takes me a lot of time an patience.

Whith this new tool, I never looked at a tutorial, or had to ask for help.

I just loaded a couple of preset textures, and i was off and running.

I had the base textures for my entire 2d game in 1 save file!! I can mix and match them on the fly to create new textures.

Just a quick hint to get you up and running, It is a lot like wings 3d. Everything you can do is pretty much, is under the right-click context menu.

Take a look at the preset tiles on the right… Drag and drop them on the work area to add them.

You can make your own presets too! just right-click the node, and you can add it from there to save you time.

I am trying to get in contact with the author of this great tool, and see if I can donate any time or money to help. It is a very exciting product! I could not believe it was free and open source.

I use NeoTexture it’s amazing :slight_smile:

I’m drooling over the screenshots. I’m downloading it now.