NeoTextureEdit procedural texture generator for Linux

How did I not know about this until now? I’ve been really interested in apps like Filter Forge, MaPZone, etc., but since I use Linux pretty much exclusively these days (and I haven’t been able to get MaPZone working with WINE), I’ve been looking for alternatives. Finally found this:

It’s just a Java application, so it runs on Linux, assuming you have the correct Java libs. Have fun!

by the way, if you’re on Linux, make sure to download the .tar.gz file instead of the .zip. I should have assumed as much, but the .zip file contains a different script, a .bat file, to start the application. It’s written for a Windows environment, and it would require some tweaking to get it working correctly with the OpenGL rendering preview.

So get the gzipped tarball, it contains a shell script that works right out of the box.

Thanks, this looks like a lot of fun.


I’ve looked at it before (considering that Mapzone is dead software in terms of development), but noting at how the development seemed quite slow along with the fact it might be missing some basic functionality, I decided to pony up the money to pre-order Genetica 4 instead.

It would be nice to see development on this project really pick up steam, because that would be the first fully-capable texture generation software in the FOSS world which might ultimately mean Blender getting the code needed to directly read files from it. (somewhat like Maya being able to read native substances from Allegorithmic’s new software suite).

Also, here’s the active page (the original site hasn’t been worked on for years)