Nerderity Report

Hello everybody.

After a long time I decided to releas my small FPS game called Nerderity Report (Episode I. :slight_smile: ).

You can download it from .


Project is Windows only but someone will download it I will make a Linux version too.

I can export it to Mac for you.

I would like to keep theese things internal, I will wait for a friend of mine, he owns one Mac. I wonder if there is possibility to compile for all platforms at once… Will look at it when I will have some free time.

EDIT: please do not hack it :smiley:

EDIT: please do not hack it

Why would we do that? How can a survival game be in episodes?

this can’t be downloaded, you got an broken downloade link on your home page.

cam.dudes: Some people hack for pleasure :). Im thinking about more episodes, in last stage of game you have to collect keys to access the trapdoor. So, this game has a “story” and another episode can be made… just in case.

esoneson: It has 27 downloads now, so the link must be okay… maybe server was overloaded for some time

no, I have now been cheking 3 diferent browsers, (IE 10, Firefox and chrome) and still get the "File can’t be found error when i’m trying to downloade the game. I have to be sure that it isen’t bco the internet connection been trying from 3 diferent connections (one that is mobile) and 2 computers, still get the same error. How ever then i did try to go behind an proxy (i’m located in sweden, and so are all of my internet providers) when i did so i got an diferent error, but still wheren’t able to downloade the file. So plz, for me to be able to chek your game out, use an diferent uploade site!

an good example of an free site that won’t have any gerion-based problems is from microsoft, all you need is an (free) microsoft account, eg. hotmail, outlook, live, etc…