Nerf gun FPS (Help needed)

Hi everyone, I decided to get started on a a Nerf gunning game :yes:
I need help with texturers, programmers, animators, and animators.

And by the way, this is what you’re gonna look like when the game is finished- :eek: :eyebrowlift:

Here are two of the guns, the Big Bad Bow and the Redshift CS-12. You probably see why I need help with texturers… :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT - and these are only 2 of the 5 guns I have modeled, I also have the Longshot CS-6, a Dart Tag gun, and one other (forgot the name :D)




BigBadBow.blend (184 KB)RedShift CS-12.blend (156 KB)

Are these all licensed nerf products? potential legal issues aside, product placement is one of my single greatest turn-offs in media. Also, I suggest using old school suction cup guns (the ones that shoot what look like little plungers, a-La Calvin and Hobbes) because those things are totally awesome.

:frowning: You don’t want to help us ???

I am still helping you, just I kinda want my own game too, you see.

Capt. Oblivion - The guns arent the same as the real Nerf Guns. And I am going to model them the same if I get permission from Nerf. And yes, I was going to use the suction cup darts :smiley:


UPDATE - I finished modeling the Firefly. I am going to model the Maverick next. I have permission to use the Nerf guns, too. :smiley: Will anybody help me? :frowning:


UPDATE - I am working on some more guns. I am currently remodeling the Longshot CS-6. Crits and comments welcome. :yes:



Most Nerf Guns.blend (232 KB)

UPDATE - Finished the Longshot CS-6. Here is the .blend



Most Nerf Guns.blend (266 KB)

YAY!!! I modeled a Nerf Hornet! Here is the .blend file And yes, I still would like some help… :yes:



NerfHornet.blend (145 KB)


I posted this on the ColdBlood thread in answer to your question, but I will post it here too.

You asked it I wanted to help?

I’m not doing much right now in Blender. I am finishing up a small personal project but that won’t take much time. I’m finished with Granite, so for ColdBlood, I’m just working on a soldier character. So yeah I might be able to help you.

I would still want more info about the project before I join. Story, gameplay concept, concept art, intended audience…etc.

Well, the story goes as this - 2011 - WW3 has started, and USA is also divided in two. In central Nebraska, one new town, Centralsk, is right in the center of the divide. One half of the town is for the WUSA (Western United States of America) and the other side is for the EUD (Eastern United Democracy). The kids at the school (From the EUD) decide to send a Nerf Attack on the WUSA to prove that the EUD is better. But the WUSA also is prepared. Your job is to choose a side, and fight for the TRUTH!!!
The game is a 3rd person view shoot em up :evilgrin: and you dont kill people, you just hit them and if you get hit 5 times you are out.
The places where the battles will take place is in the neighborhood, In caves, in fields, houses, and a few more places.
My concept art for the guns is the guns themselves!!! lol and the characters are going to be wii style (you know what i mean)
This game is intended for people 9 and up because there is no violence (but maybe I will make it so that you can kick and punch :evilgrin: )

So that is that enough info? :smiley: lol


Great! Nice to know what the game will be about.

Just a small comment… it is the year 2011? World War 3? Did you copy that from a thread in this forum about a bio war? Or did they copy you? Uhmmmm…that is like…reaaaallly fishy.

Anyway, that aside…

A comment about your story. Why are kids attacking a full sized nation with nerf guns? Your plot is so epic, I’d expect to see lots more violence. But I also like the fact that you are aiming this game at younger people. That is one type of game you don’t often see being made in Blender.

Honestly if this happened for real, these nerf gun wielding kids would quickly be captured by local police and be sent home to their parents.

I appreciate the thought you’ve put into the story, but it needs work.

Ok sure, kids can’t use semi’s on the front lines, but nerf guns? Even for a local prank, they’d get shut down by authorities very quickly. But I do like the idea of using nerf guns for a non violent game. My suggestion, keep the nerfs and trash the epicness and make a simpler story.

And I hope you won’t take these comments as “I hate your thread I’m trying to shut you down”. This is just constructive criticism. I want to help you make a good game. It is much easier to take a lot of time planing your story before you start progress, than to not have anyone interested in playing it once it’s done.

And if this game looks like it could go somewhere, I would for sure consider making a map or two for the game.

The kids are playing “war” to try to prove to the kids on the other side of the town that their “troops” are better… They are “fighting” as a game because the kids want to help, instead of just sit around… they want glory, and honor, and victory! :smiley: lol and I had had the idea of the 2011 for nearly 4 months… just I hadnt mentioned it yet… :smiley: anyways here is the Nerf Hyperfire



NerfCrossfire.blend (140 KB)

Okay…I see where you’re going with the story. Looks good.

If I’m gonna make maps i need to know a few more things:

Are you using GLSL?

What is your control scheme? I know it’s 3rd person but are you using the mouse for rotation? WSAG keys for movement? Just some more info on that would be good.


Holy carp. I started doing this years ago when I first got Blender. I wanted to put them into the Quake 3 engine, and then eventually just kind of gave up. You can have the models I made, though, if I can find them…

Edit: I found my titan model, the others that I have right now are .xsi and .obj files (for Mod Tool) They’re all untextured, and mostly unfinished, but I think I had most of them on my other computer until I wiped the hard drive. Stupid partitioning… I’ll show you non-destructive!


Titan.blend (199 KB)

Well, it is split screen (Like Yo Frankie!) and the controls are the same.
Player 1 - WASD, F-Jump and Climb, G-Shoot, H-Reload
Player 2 -Arrow Keys, " "-Jump and Climb, M-Shoot, N-Reload

and there is no rotation… you need to turn with the WASD, Arrow Keys to look around.
And yes, I am doing GLSL. :smiley:


EDIT: Thanks for the Titan Model, Jergling!


Will nobody help me? I could let this thread simply die… but I dont want to… :slight_smile: I am working on a building for the nerf battles


Do you mind if I modify the CS-12 model a bit and use it in one of my projects because it is a pretty good model…

That is ok, and do you want to help me out a little on my game?

YAY! I am getting a team together! I have Micah702, possibly Robo3Dguy, and myself! :smiley: Anyone else want to help? currently working on a resturaunt


I’m in, but we need to know who’s coding. That would be the worst falling-out point, and is the most common problem with independent game development, the artists go crazy, and then have no one to actually assemble the game for them. You should take a look at ModDB some time. There are hundreds of unfinished projects there with only rough ideas for gameplay and lots of models. I have a Maverick shell, but I still need to figure out how to get it form XSI into Blender. Maybe later today.

Well, i am shingwantins bro, and i am helping him out with python and logic bricks…