Nerf Gun FPS (I would like help!)

Hi everyone. I decided that someone finally finished a shoot em up game that is kid-friendly, so I decided to make a Nerf Gun FPS!!! I have some screenies and .blend files, too! Enjoy!:yes:


RedShift CS-12.blend (156 KB)Most Nerf Guns.blend (266 KB)

Oh, and the screenies will come later, as long as the textures. Big Bad Bow is next!


Looks good, but your textures aren’t packed :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, in the UV texture window, look for the little present with a bow, and click that. That saves the textures you used in the file inside the .blend file, so that they get transferred from your computer to those who download them.

All in all, I’d say that’s a pretty good job. Now you just need to find good pictures of the nerf guns to texture them. In response to your question in the Elpis WIP, I’d be happy to make a few levels for you, as long as it’s not a requirement that I texture them, as I’m not too good at that. :slight_smile:

well, I did pack the textures… :frowning: and one of the Nerf guns are completely finished, textured, and everything :smiley: I will post it later.


Nope no help for you, go learn some more about modeling :D. I might care about what you have when you are at a decent level. i can define this
Your models = level 1, witch means you know how to navigate basically around blender. but a higher level has learn’t more then how to move things, he also knows how to get a shape, how to use his poly restriction wisely and how to make something that doesn’t look like a box, when you have done this then by all means start a game project.

Whoah valek27, harshness detected! He’s right though… ShingWanTin, your models need help.
But this is no reason to be upset. I started modeling a couple years ago, and immediately set off to create a movie, After I happily modeled the main characters and some sets I set off to do the animation, and realized that everything I had done for 6 months was useless…but I didn’t give up. I studied and studied, read the wiki almost from start to finish, read and watched every tutorial I could find, and now I am using blender everyday in my job as a motion graphics designer. I am still not ready to make the movie, and I am still learning. At this point though, I have come full circle, and realized that vision, patience, and dedication are what it takes to complete a project- be that building a house, or designing a video game, or making Shrek 4. If you actually make a game, that is actually going to be played, you will not have time to model or texture or code any part of it. You need to direct it. Now, being knowledgable in all these things is required, but being good at them…not. It would be better to be a good concept artist in 2d then a great modeler or texture artist, from a director’s standpoint, or even better…a great scriptwriter. (games need scripts too ya know ;))

All that said, my other freely given (whether you want it or not:cool:) advice is to try something original. If my journey has taught me one thing, it is respect for other people’s intellectual property. Respect born out of an understanding for the amount of time it takes to produce something good. Get permission from Nerf to make this game and we’d all help you :eek:.
Good Luck and Keep Blending!

P.S. Some links you need: just for laughs to learn the trade

Thanks for the link, Noobie! (are you even a noobie? lol) I am finally getting a team worked up. There is myself, Micah702, and Possibly 3 more guys :smiley: But I still need help with modelers… and you can check out some of my work for project ASTERACERS at:


HHHHHHMMMMM… A considerable game project. You COULD just go and use the FPS template and modify the models and textures a bit…

he is going to use my fps game that i made a while back as a template. Then we can say we made it all ourselves :slight_smile:

valek27- I know the models are basic. I am going to make them better in the future, but for now, just this should do…

And I still need HELP!!!