Nerf Gun !!!

For my first " professional " model I am starting to model a Nerf gun that I own. Here are some pics attached. I know the material is bad but I really need some help on materials in Blender. Also I included a Blend- I don’t care how you use it, just please give me credit. C&C’s are welcome.


Nerf2.blend (337 KB)

I’ve no idea what a “nerf gun” is but nonetheless here are some tips on making it beter:

  • First of all: it ain’t a material problem, but a mesh problem.
  • Put of “Set Smooth” (or turn on Autosmooth) if your model has sharp edges and faces.
  • Delete all the inner faces and edges: they do ugly things while rendering
  • Try to keep the polycount low and keep the mesh clean. Right now the model looks messy which makes it hard to work with it.
  • Use quads. Triangles make ugly meshes if you’re using subsurf and make it harder to use edge loops.
    I hope this helps a bit.



Your model is nice, but the mesh is a mess. Your materials are nice.
Here are some tips :

  • use mirror modifier, you have the model only one half.
  • for the 4 holders, you can use a second mesh and duplicate it (with ALT+D, you keep link between them, if you modify one, you modifies its clones).
  • use layers to organize your work, ex : 1 for model, 11 for light and camera, 2 for what you’re working on…
  • and as it has been said, avoid triangles.

I did a rought model from your one. The .blend is attached. I used the outliner to make your model unselectable and non rendered. I modeled roughtly “arround it”.

Good luck with blender, with some practice, the quads will become natural :wink:


Nerf2_corrected.blend (382 KB)