NeRF - Neural Radiance Fields

Very exciting open source photogrammetry tech. Spot the Blender shader balls. :laughing:

Source on Github:


In 2009 when Mr. NG did present the Lytro camera we bought one for the studio but at that time there was no workflow to exploit the capabilities of that device… However it was clear to us that it would come to the 3D animation and production community… Today it looks like it is close to be accessible and usable in a traditional worflow… Very interesting…

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Wow impressive. And it uses what ? some sort of raymarching to model the object ?

is there a better description of capabilities
and how easy it is to use ?

is it only for pro or anyone ?

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Wow! So it’s a long time in the making then?

Yes, it’s using traditional volumes and raymarching, and some crazy 5D maths. :smiley:

Yes, here’s the website with all the info:
Yes, it’s for anyone. The code is opensource. It’s only been released this month, but I’m pretty sure we will definitely be seeing an implementation of this through an addon in the future. This is next-level and next-gen photogrammetry.

Is there a tutorial how to install that?

… all instruction for compiling the source code and the libraries needed are on the site…

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