Made this a while ago. Thought I might post it here.

Good old NES, really has that boxy 80’s look into it. Colors look just right: boring and gray. Those control pads really dug into your hands, I still remember the pain after an all day-marathon…

It’s always nice to see modeling/renders of game machines that made you a (far) happier kid :slight_smile:

Except for the horrible reds, the colors are actually good, and surprisingly modern :slight_smile:
FWIW though, the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo / Super NES / SNES, and SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis, remain for me the pinnacle of console beauties, console and cartridge together. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, perhaps not.

“I” (my father) bought a Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) through grey market 1 year before it was officially released in europe. Even the package was nice, and for me far more so than the official european / american ones. I used the package as a stand / table beneath the console. It was right under the TV. Always when I finished playing I had dedicated a towel that I “dragged” over it to keep it clean and dust-free.